Worst Part of Planning a Wedding: Guest List

Small or large? If I say 350 what category would you put that guest count under? If you’re Nigerian you will most likely think it’s average, if not small. If you’re from another nationality you might want to pick your jaw up off the floor. LOL. Let’s go ahead and call it My Big Fat Nigerian Wedding.

Making, cutting and pretty much just dealing with a guest list has been the worst part of wedding planning. Your guest list affects everything from budget to venue choice. Its important to approximate guest count at the beginning of the planning process.

Deciding who makes the cut can be very difficult. I seriously hate offending people unintentionally and who wouldn’t enjoy having a room full of 1000 people that we know and love celebrating our marriage together 😍 but,

1. Do we really KNOW 1000 people?

2. Are we willing to jeopardize the quality of our wedding for quantity?

From the standpoint of my future husband and I:

We are investing a lot to have the type of wedding experience WE want. We do not want our big day to become a disorderly event with people standing against the walls , children running across the ballroom screaming or guests going home without food, favors, or enjoyment just  because we had 200 more guests than anticipated.

So we are set on an Invite Only White Wedding.

Is that taboo with Africans?
Maybe Africans feel the pressure to not leave anyone out as to avoid offending anyone. For example, our parents were not too happy when we put a limit on our guest count, but they agreed that the wedding is our day. So they figured out a solution; throwing their own Pre-Wedding Celebration (*September 6th, Igbo Catholic Community Center. Everyone’s invited!).

I’m pretty excited since everyone gets what they want and I’ve never been to a Pre-Wedding… What am I gonna wear? 😳 lol.

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