5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Smell Amazing

If you’re like me, you want to make your kitchen smell amazing. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a house: it’s where you prepare meals for yourself and your family, and of course, you want it to be nice and clean. Because we cook in kitchens, it’s inevitable that we spill a thing or two from time to time, and when you add trash to the mix, you end up with an unpleasant smell that can drive you crazy. If you’d like to get rid of bad smells and bring in some more pleasant ones in your kitchen, we give you a list of simple things you can do to make it happen.

   How To Make Your Kitchen Smell Amazing

Grind coffee

Coffee has a strong, powerful scent that a lot of people like, even if they don’t actually drink coffee, and you can make your kitchen smell great by grinding some coffee beans. (We love this affordable coffee grinder) You can leave them in a cup or a jar on the counter for decoration – they look stylish when combined with dried flowers and take some to grind on your own every couple of days. You can use it later to make coffee for yourself (it will taste better because it’s fresh) or you can mix it with a bit of coconut oil and use it to exfoliate your skin, all the while enjoying the fresh smell in your kitchen.

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More fresh air

The oldest trick in the book is to keep your windows and doors open often. This way you will allow fresh air to come in and it will make the smells of cooking less prominent. Believe it or not, sunlight too can help get rid of bad smells, so don’t hesitate to open the curtains every day. This might not be easy when the weather is bad, though, which is why it’s good to have a good air purifier for odors. Not only do air purifiers remove odors, but they can get rid of all  the airborne particulates, gases, and smoke, and you can even use them in another room when you’re done with the kitchen.

Boil some cinnamon

make your kitchen smell amazing

Room sprays might be effective, but you shouldn’t use them in the same room where you prepare your meals. Luckily, there are some pretty simple, yet equally powerful alternatives to room sprays that don’t cost a fortune and work just as well. By boiling some cinnamon, you will freshen up the kitchen without any dangerous chemicals. All you need to do is fill a saucepan with water and few cinnamon sticks (or sprinkle some ground cinnamon) to the water and bring it to a boil. By leaving it on the stove for a few minutes, you will notice that not only your kitchen, but your entire house smells divine.

Homemade cleaning supplies

Sometimes bad smells come from cleaning supplies you use, but it’s not like you can just give up cleaning, is it? Giving up cleaning might not be an option, but changing your cleaning supplies is: a simple combination of lemon, white vinegar, and baking soda will do the job and the ingredients are perfectly natural. You can clean your sink with lemon juice alone, but you can also make a bottle of your own cleaning solution by using citrus peels and white vinegar. The stains will be gone and your kitchen will smell citrusy and fresh. However, for those of us short on time you get this cleaning solution off of Amazon and straight to your door. 

Waste disposal

make your kitchen smell amazing

Lemons are the best for freshness, and in addition to using them for cleaning solutions, you can use them to get rid of that horrible smell around your disposal. Fill an ice cube tray with lemonade mix and keep it in the freezer. Once a week, throw in a couple of these ice cubes and crush them in your disposal. You can use the leftover lemonade to wipe away any food that’s caught in the bottom of your dishwasher.

Smell is a powerful sense that’s closely connected to memory and mood, and it’s only natural what you want your house and your kitchen to be clean and smell nice. There are many ways you can make your kitchen smell amazing, even after you’ve spent a day cooking, boiling, and frying. Experiment and try out different things, only then will you know what works best for you and your home.


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Are you after a kitchen that smells amazing? With these fresh ideas you kitchen will smell amazing in no time!


Are you after a kitchen that smells amazing? With these fresh ideas you kitchen will smell amazing in no time!


Are you after a kitchen that smells amazing? With these fresh ideas you kitchen will smell amazing in no time!


Are you after a kitchen that smells amazing? With these fresh ideas you kitchen will smell amazing in no time!
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  1. January 22, 2019 / 1:49 am

    Great cleaning tips, thanks! I love a kitchen that smells good, and I anti stinks. I hv been using bleach alot but I learning that is toxic, so I need to use these tips and incorporate a natural product like lemons and baking soda, I do so appreciate you giving these tips.

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