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infant in car seat safety


Car seat safety is a high priority for all parents. Car accidents are the leading cause of preventable death in children, and that needs to stop. Studies have shown that correctly using a car seat can decrease the risk of death by over 70%. So, no matter how much time a child spends in a car seat, proper car seat safety can save their life. Being honest, when I had my 1st son, I was completely oblivious to the proper installation of the seat, let alone properly securing an infant.

Did you know: you can use the latch system OR the seatbelt when securing your car seat? We didn’t.

Don’t be ashamed if you aren’t fully versed in all things Car Seat Safety, we as parents are still doing all we can to stay up-to-date on car seat safety rules. Starting with reading this article.

Luckily, there are certified child passenger safety technicians that helped educate us and you can find one near you (here).

car seat safety

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Here Are A Few Car Seat Safety Standards To Keep In Mind:

1. SHOULD: Remain rear facing until 2 years old
2. SHOULD NOT:  Buckle a child in with a coat on
3. SHOULD: Keep the safety harness across the chest
4. SHOULD NOT: Be able to pinch the seat belt after tightening

You can go to to look up the Car Seat Check report for your current vehicle or one your thinking about purchasing. There are also helpful guides to car seat safety rating that are specific for your make and model. Want to know which cars can fit 3 car seats? Click Here


Make sure the safety of your car and car seat are a top priority for keeping everyone safe on these busy streets.

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