Five Reasons to Fill Your Fridge with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

Five Reasons to Fill Your Fridge with Cascade Ice Sparkling Water

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Texas is heating up and it’s that time of year where people start wearing less and going outside more. The sun is shining, the kids are playing in the yard, and you’ve planned a whole day full of rest and relaxation with your loved ones. What makes this moment even sweeter, is a cool, refreshing bottle of Cascade Ice Sparkling Water. This isn’t your average flavored water. Cascade Ice is serving 19 different great-tasting varieties that you’ll be craving on sunny days. However, if you need more convincing of why you need to stock up on Cascade Ice Sparkling Water, here are my top five reasons you should fill up and fall in love this summer. 

1. You’ll meet your goal for drinking more fluids.  

Cascade Ice Sparkling Water is a great option for anyone that wants to start practicing a new way to increase their daily fluid intake. Each bottle contains 17.2 fluid ounces that will get you in the flow of staying hydrated all summer long. 

2. You can kiss sugary drinks goodbye!

If you’re looking for an alternative to sugary sodas and overly-sweetened juices, Cascade Ice offers a variety of sugar-free beverages that you won’t feel guilty about. 

3. The quality goes beyond your taste buds. 

There’s no questioning the quality of product that Cascade Ice Sparkling Water pours into each bottle. Enjoy all of your favorite flavors that are made with ZERO sugar, zero caffeine, zero gluten, and zero sodium!

4. Become the life of the pool party with these seasonal recipes that everyone will love!

The fun doesn’t stop with the flavor selection. Spritz up your summer get-togethers by recreating some of this tasty cocktail (and mocktail!) recipes from the Cascade Ice blog

5. You’ll never get bored of the same flavors. 

Cascade Ice comes in five different product categories, so there are plenty of delicious flavors to try out! There’s Original, Original with Caffeine, USDA Organic, USDA Organic with Caffeine and Naturals. 

Not sure where to purchase Cascade Ice Sparkling Water? Visit the Where To Buy section on their website to find a retailer near you. 



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