Five Ways To Create Lasting Childhood Memories

Five Ways To Create Lasting Childhood Memories

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Do you ever have those days when your favorite childhood memories come to mind and you wish you could use a time machine to relive some of those fondest moments? For me, one of those moments would be the early mornings at home before heading to school. I remember sitting at the table each day as I would watch my dad cut up my pancakes into tiny little squares before sending me off to school. I’m not quite sure why that memory has stayed with me throughout the years, but I do know that the time he put into fulfilling that seemingly small act really spoke volumes about the love that he had for me. This is one of the reasons why my husband and I decided to prioritize investing in the little opportunities to share our love and joy with our two sons, because ultimately, those are the moments they’ll hold onto throughout their lifetimes. 

Today I’m sharing my five tips for creating lasting childhood memories.

  1. Be as present as possible. 

The meaning behind this may vary by person. Consider your “presence” as the time you have leftover outside of your typical life responsibilities. One thing that my husband and I cherish so much about working for ourselves, is that we can be stewards of our time for our children. Being ever present for them is a priority for us. Even if we are not with them 24/7, we make sure to be there when we can. This could mean choosing to set your phone down when it’s time to engage with them, and making sure you are in the picture and not just behind the camera.

  1. Eat together. 

Eating together is a perfect moment to recharge and reconnect together. It’s not always easy when they are distracted, picky eaters like our boys, but the the time invested is worth it. Especially when you find something we all enjoy. This is especially the case when we put a fun spin on some classic treats with an at-home ice cream party or my personal favorite, the Favorite Day cookies.  

  1. Check in with them. 

This tip is as easy as it sounds for some, but as a special needs mom with a child that struggles to express themselves, it’s still important to go through the motions and ask . Kids understand much more than they let on. You can simply check in with your kids by asking them about their day, how they’re feeling, or asking them to share what they love about their latest topic of interest. Sidenote: I’m unofficially an expert in monster trucks after listening to my five-year-old talk about them. 

  1. Travel together.

Family travel is one of my favorite pastimes. Over the years, my husband and I have learned how to be adaptable and to plan our family vacations to best suit our dynamic duo of boys. The older they get, the more motivated I become to make it possible for us to travel that take us out of our hectic routine to share memorable travel experiences they will remember for years to come. 

  1. Celebrate together as often as possible. 

You know that amazing feeling you get when you’re recognized for accomplishing something? Even if it’s the smallest feat being celebrated, it makes a world of a difference. This is especially true for the youngest champions in our lives. This past year has been a lot and our children deserve some credit for surviving and thriving through it all. So don’t hesitate, let’s celebrate! I’m here to remind you that you have the permission to indulge and reconnect to yourself and your kiddos. So savor that cookie! Enjoy that extra scoop of ice cream and eat that bread because we all deserve to enjoy our favorite things with our favorite people. 

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