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I’m excited to feature these 4 handsome men as our No-Shave November #IGMedicalCommunity.

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PA Student
Stephen (@pagethePA) is currently a second-year PA student in Atlanta, Georgia.  He just finished 15 months of that grueling PA didactic year and is eager to start his clinical rotations with his first rotation being inpatient internal medicine in downtown Atlanta.

Though he grew up in Colorado, he loves the diversity and culture that Atlanta offers.  “Atlanta is truly a cultural hub where you meet and interact with people from all walks of life, all cultures, countries, religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. –  and that is probably my favorite thing about being able to learn and practice medicine here.” His dream is that we as humans can grow out of this absurd behavior of hate and learn to be compassionate, open-minded, and loving creatures who support, care for, and love one another regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or anything else.  “Be good to one another, because at the end of the day, we are all connected and we are all we have.”

You can find Stephen and follow his journey through PA school on Facebook or Instagram by following him @PagethePA.  He is an advocate for healthcare workers including NPs, PAs, and nurses and hopes to continue to grow the medical community on social media by inspiring and leading those who follow in his journey.  Be sure to check him out and say hello!


ig medical community


Ortho PA
Andrew Beverly is an Orthopedic Physician Assistant currently practicing in Orlando, Florida. He has been working in Sports Medicine for more than 10 years now, with various stints in college and professional sports as an Athletic Trainer. He works in general orthopedics and enjoys treating patients with anything from concussions to broken feet and everything else in between Some weekends he is in clinic; the others he spends with his family, playing soccer, or travelling. Check out his recent foray into Instagram medicine @The_Ortho_PA


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jonny_kay ig medical community


Internal Medicine Doctor
Jonathan completed his residency at Harbor UCLA and is board certified in Internal Medicine. He is currently a third-year Gastroenterology Fellow in California.  His passion is fitness, an active lifestyle, and promotion of general health and wellness which he has found is often the cornerstone of treatment for many of his patients! 
thefrenchydentist ig medical community igmedicalcommunity
Dental Student
After his 2 years of Med school in France, The Frenchy Dentist went to the Dental school in Cluj, Romania. Born in Paris, originally from Lebanon, with half of his family in Australia, and living now in Romania, The Frenchy Dentist decided to open an Instagram account to share more about his casual med life and to be able to communicate with people from all around the world ! Don’t hesitate to follow him and find more on IG @thefrenchydentist
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