Mental Health Monday | Ways To Deal With Burnout

Mental Health Monday | Ways To Deal With Burnout

Happy Mental Health Monday! This week’s topic is undoubtably one that you can relate to. I know how overwhelming life can get, and it can be a challenge to balance our responsibilities and relationships. Even when you’re doing things you absolutely love, burnout can creep in, making it hard to enjoy your passions.

Balancing special needs motherhood, millenial marriage, practicing medicine and creating content full time is a beast! But I wouldn’t change a thing. Now that I’m rejuvenated, let’s talk about…


– Take some time off to recharge
– Learn how to cope with your body’s fight or flight response through mindfulness
– Create and stick to your boundaries
– Ask for help
– Prioritize alone time and real self care

What are some other methods that you use to take care of yourself? Leave a comment below and be sure to follow me on Instagram and TikTok for more mental health content. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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