My Favorite Things| Influencer Husband Edition

My Favorite Things| Influencer Husband Edition

Hey everyone! My name is Charles, and if you don’t know by now I’m Onyi’s husband. You’re probably wondering what I’m up to on Onyi’s blog, and I’m here to ask for HELP. I’ve been kidnapped and tricked into taking pictures in holy matrimony 😂. No seriously though I’m here to announce that I’ll be taking over my wife’s blog for my birthday and thought I’d share all my favorite things she’s influenced me into. 

Being an influencer husband does have some perks, like discovering new products you can no longer imagine living without. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite products that Onyi has influenced me to try over the years. All of these items are tried and tested, and are practically used on a daily basis. Not only are they #INfluencer Husband approved, but they’re sure to make great practical gifts for yourself or anyone you think deserves something nice to show you care. Without further adieu, here are my top 10 favorite products:

5. Blue Apron’s chef-designed, ready-to-cook meals (Click HERE get $60 OFF across your first 3 boxes

6. Myx fitness bike (Use coupon code: ONYI for $150 off, plus FREE shipping)

Influencer Husband Edition
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