Netflix’s Karma’s World Season 3 Is Here! | Wholesome Entertainment for the Entire Family |

Netflix’s Karma’s World Season 3 Is Here! | Wholesome Entertainment for the Entire Family |

I’m so excited to announce that Ludacris’ entertaining and lyrically-loaded animated series Karma’s World, has just made its third season debut on Netflix starting July 7, 2022. My family and I enjoyed watching the first two seasons so much that I’m so happy to be sharing one of our favorite shows with you! Karma’s World follows Karma Grant, an aspiring musical artist and rapper with big talent and an even bigger heart.


Throughout the series, we’ll watch Karma lend her voice to help family, friends, and her community, while cultivating valuable life lessons along the way.

We were fortunate enough to be provided with early access to the forthcoming episodes and decided to make a special family movie night to commemorate the new season of Karma’s World. One of the most notable episodes we watched was, Episode One: ‘Fancy Footwork’. In the season premiere, Karma and her best friend, Winston, are head over heels for the latest kicks on the market—the Sky Rockets! When their parents aren’t convinced, Karma and Winston spend their weekend working odd jobs to earn enough money.

What I loved about this episode is that we were able to watch Karma and Winston learn lessons about materialism, the value of earning money, and friendship. Most importantly, they were able to overcome their personal conflict, and let their friendship and mutual respect prevail! After watching season 3, I’m even more assured that Karma’s World is at the forefront of entertaining and wholesome content that parents and children can enjoy together.

Plus, we heard Karma will be expanding her world with a brand new line of toys, including dolls, accessories and a styling head. We look forward to seeing Karma and her friends on screen and on the shelves!

Be sure to tune in today, to usher in the latest season of Karma’s World on Netflix.








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