What To Include In Your Soccer Readiness Kit

What To Include In Your Soccer Readiness Kit

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Soccer Survival Kit: 5 Things You Need to Have to Survive Your Kid’s Soccer Game

Johnson & Johnson’s helps moms prepare during emergency situations, and we support it too! Question: Are you a first time mom who’s having a hard time keeping up with your toddler? Well, you landed on the right page.

Active and playful toddlers are easy to handle: SAID NO ONE EVER. To tell you honestly, even moms of 2 or 3 can’t still master how to get by with their youngsters because truth be told: TODDLERS ARE EXTRA ACTIVE. How much more if you’re a mom of a kid who loves to play soccer? In that case, you definitely need to have a soccer survival kit every time you go for a game.

Just imagine: What if you are in a playing field or simply at your backyard while watching your kid play ball then suddenly, your kiddo gets hurt. Of course, your initial reaction would be to run after him immediately. But what’s next? What if you don’t have anyone to help you at that exact moment? And moms, knowing them, will always find a way to keep their children free from any kind of harm. Thus, you know the first step, as a mom, is prevention. Who wouldn’t want to take action right after her kid already got hurt? Certainly having a soccer first aid kit ready will help you in times like these. Just like any other mommy survival kit—a kit that you can easily grab because it is packed in your car, in your youngster’s diaper bag, or in a box that you can carry along the sidelines of a soccer game.

We come down to this point that the most important thing a mother should have is a safety companion. Let’s inspire the next generation of mothers to think intuitively and empathically to prevent accidents—or to respond better any time it happens.

Here Are 5 Essential Things Your Soccer Survival Kit Should Have:

1. Adult Zyrtec®

Millennial moms know that allergies can be irritating. What’s more irritating about it is the fact that it can be triggered by the environment you are in, and it manifests through runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes. Symptoms like these can disturb anyone’s activity so to avoid this, we recommend Zyrtec Tablets for the adults or Children’s Benadryl for the kids.

2. BAND-AID® Bandages

In case of any injury, laceration, or scrapes, it’s basic knowledge: bandages are a must!

3. Neosporin®

This product delivers 24 hours of guaranteed protection from infection. It is an ointment that can cure pain and itch. And which mom is not afraid anytime her kids’ skin would get scratched? If your kid gets a scratch, then no need to worry. Neosporin® also helps reduce the appearance of scars, so finally you can let your kids be kids.

4. Cold Pack

Do you know why cold packs are a necessity to a soccer readiness kit? Simply because it can be a remedy to almost anything. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but definitely, it can be a remedy to toothache, head bumps, and headaches.

5. Johnson & Johnson COACH® Self-Adhering Sports Wrap

Strains, sprains, and sore muscles can be a pain in the neck. The discomfort it brings is excruciating to adults—how much more if a child experiences it? This is why these self-adhering sports wraps can be an excellent help in these ache-ful times.

Being a mom is the noblest of all roles any woman can have. Sure, taking care of kids can be frantically hard to survive, but that is why mothers shouldn’t have to do it alone.

Johnson & Johnson, the U.S. Soccer Federation, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation are teaming up to provide the next generation of female leaders (and moms) with the inspiration and support they need to pursue their dreams.

Johnson & Johnson is supporting the next generation of female leaders on and off the field by working with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to create the ‘Because She Can’ Innovation Fund. Your support helps give thousands of girls access to soccer programs. Together, we can help her reach those goals. Because she can.


When you shop Johnson & Johnson’s products for your first aid needs, you get to support the #BecauseSheCan Campaign, which funds girls to access or join soccer programs. It’s a great big step to helping girls, moms, and ultimately, empowering all future women!


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