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We are so happy you’re interested in Guest Blogging for Sincerely Onyi! We are always looking for bloggers who provide well-written, unique perspectives to add to the blog. Please review the guidelines below and send your post to:
We will respond within one week about whether or not we will be publishing your post and our estimated date it will run. If you have ideas for more than one topic, feel free to send multiple posts in one email.

Guidelines for Guest Blogging:

* Please read some of our posts and review the main categories at to see what types of posts we publish.
* We are open to discussing topics before you write a post, feel free to reach out.
* Please note the tone that we look for in posts is conversational, respectful, and humorous when appropriate.
* Posts can be previously published.
* Posts should be between 450 and 1100 words. If you have more to say, submit as Part 1 and Part 2.
* Posts with short paragraphs (5 sentences or less) are preferred. Bullet points and lists are highly encouraged when appropriate.
* Please don’t be offended if we ask for changes to your content. Any posts that need heavy editing will likely be turned down. You can resubmit once the post has been further edited on your end.
* Any links you include should be set to open in a new tab. No affiliate links may be included.
* If you have personal photos to include, they must be clear and high quality. We will add in additional photos as appropriate.
* Please include a 2-3 sentence bio, a professional photo and a link to your website, if applicable.
* Submitting your guest post does not guarantee that it will be published. However, if your post is well-written and fits within Sincerely Onyi’s mission, it will likely be published.

Please keep in mind as a Guest Blogger:

* If you submit, you agree that your post can be used on as well as across social platforms that we see fit, including but not limited to Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.
* We will be promoting the post in an effort for both you and Sincerely Onyi to gain exposure.
* We highly encourage all guest posters to promote the article on all of their social media platforms as well.
* You allow us to edit the post as needed now and in the future, including removing the post if it no longer fits with Sincerely Onyi.
* Either when the post is published or in the future, you agree that we can add to it, such as additional photos, pins, affiliate links, etc. as we see fit to further enhance your post.

We look forward to reading your submissions!


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