Ace Back-to-School With Walmart

Ace Back-to-School With Walmart

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It’s that time of the year. The most wonderful time of the year! Now before you ask, yes I own a calendar. I’m talking about the magic and joy that comes with the back-to-school season in August. This is a period that’s filled with excitement, anxiety, hope, and potential for a world of opportunities as we send our little ones back to school to continue growing their minds. As parents, we only wish for the best for our kids, so I see this time of year as a testament to their growth and budding independence. Admittedly, getting up early to get them ready can be a struggle when you’d rather sleep in but I love using the consistency to get my day up and running. So I’m sharing our morning routine with a Kindergartener & First Grader.

Another thing I love about back-to-school are the fresh starts and the fire deals that we can find on the school supplies and fashion for the boys at Walmart. No need to wait until December to find these prices. Walmart has the best deal for your entire family’s back-to-school or office needs. Best of all, you’ll be saving time and money by shopping in one place for items that you’ll not only find useful this year, but in the spring as well.

With some help from Walmart’s school savings, we’ve been able to make adjusting to our new morning routine a whole lot easier. During the summer things are more lowkey, and we can choose to get up whenever we feel like it. Once we get our day started it’s straight to the bathroom to brush our teeth, because if it were up to these boys they’d be living ferrel in all their natural glory.

Wake Up Time to 6:45am

When school starts we adjust our wake-up time to 6:45am. I start making breakfast and packing their lunch and snacks for the day. Hubby gets the boys showered and ready as they’re always eager to wear the new outfits they picked out from Walmart by themselves. Isn’t it adorable when they start developing their own style choices? It’s sweet to watch their fashion sense evolve as they get older. Fortunately, Walmart’s price points and huge selection of fashion make shopping for different styles and personalities affordable.

While they’re getting dressed, I go through their backpacks and make sure they have all of the supplies they need and sign off on forms for my son’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). If you have school aged children, then you know that supplies tend to go missing. That’s not a problem for us because we stocked up on all of the pencils, markers, disinfectant wipes, notebooks, and workbooks they use daily. Year after year we can always count on Walmart to find low prices on quality supplies, so we don’t give a second thought to replacing them.

While we’re eating breakfast we might watch an educational or social skills video at the dining table for my son on the spectrum. Kezie’s bus comes to pick him up at 7:37am, and I walk with Gozie to his school at 7:30am. It’s about a mile away, but he often rides his scooter with me or bikes with Dad. This is a great opportunity for me to get my steps in or warm up for my Barre or yoga class.

If your school year prep is still underway, there’s still time to head to Walmart to cross off your supplies list. Don’t have the time to shop in person, no problem! has a wide array of all of the back-to-school products you need, and lots more. As an extra benefit, Walmart+ members can enjoy free 2-day shipping at no extra cost with no order minimum (Excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight charges), and my favorite free same-day delivery from the store with no markups ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.) For a limited time you can enjoy a 30-day free trial by clicking HERE.






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