10 Best Parenting Apps For Simplifying Life

As millennial moms, we use are smartphones as powerful tools to navigate parenthood. Take a look at a list of the 10 best parenting apps to simplify mom life. Makes life easier to have an extra helping hand when ours our full of toddlers and newborns

Almost every parent has fallen into the routine of unstrapping their child from the stroller, taking a seat on the park bench, and zoning out into the illuminated screen of their cell phone. It’s not hard to find yourself pointlessly scrolling social media or watching cat videos on YouTube while our children play. Luckily everything so easily accessible now, like portable cribs for traveling. On-the-go parents need parenting apps for simplifying life to be at the tip of our fingers.  


Next time you have a “me minute”, check out one of these useful apps that every mommy should have installed, and fall out of the boring repetition of mindless scrolling!

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Apps For Simplifying Mom Life

Saving Money

  1. Yowza!! For a mommy on a thin wallet, this app is a total game-changer!  Budgeting has never been made easier than with the help of this app, which features several coupons for popular items that you can save directly to your phone. You’ll save time, money, and wallet space with this convenient app.  
  2. KidsMealDeals. For traveling parents, or just ones hoping to save a little extra money on a family night out, check out this super handy app. It uses your location to discover restaurants near you with customizable distance settings that offer free food for kids!  
  3. VarageSale. Sell your old things, and get other people’s treasures for less! For a mom who doesn’t have time to browse the neighborhood for yard sales or make a trip to the local Goodwill, this app comes in handy and helps you get some extra cash when you need it!  

Here are a list of 10 other apps that will help you save money.


  1. Cozi Family Organizer. The one-stop spot for organization! This app is dedicated to giving mothers peace of mind by offering powerful tools for keeping track of everything from ball practice to the grocery list with one click.  
  2. Paperless. For a mom on-the-go, having a folder for checklists on your phone is important. Keeping everything together in one place is the best way to handle the stresses of life, and it’s made easy with this super simple, easy to navigate list app!
  3. Chorma. Have trouble getting your family to pick up around the house? Do the windows need washed something terrible? Try getting everyone involved with this fun challenge style app! Family members can pick and choose which chore apps to accept, and earn points towards rewards.  

Fun & Enjoyment

  1. Playground Buddy. For a family with little kids who love to explore the outdoors, this app is a great way to connect with amazing communities no matter where you are! It’s a playground finder directly on your phone and more reliable than an average maps application.  
  2. Trekaroo. This is just like the previous app, but it includes everything that a kid could enjoy from a zoo to a children’s museum! As a perfect companion to family vacation planning, wouldn’t you rather scroll through these search results than your friends Facebook complaints?  


  1. BigOven. There are so many ways to simplify mealtime with the Kids. Find thousands of great recipes from mothers all over the globe! Gain access to tons of collections like their popular “20-minute meals” and other downloadable collections and start getting back into the heart of the kitchen.  
  2. Pepperplate. Parents can now get everything organized as well as find inspiration all in one handy app. Create shopping lists, menus, and shareable meal plans and organize your recipes or find new ones with the help of this app. It’s a simpler way to cook and enjoy the kitchen.

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Motherhood is an exciting, exhausting, life-changing experience, and we can accept a little bit of help wherever we can find it. Utilizing the many, many apps created for moms and families to simplify life can be a great way to bring everyone together and start getting your family life fine-tuned and running smoother. Things are complicated enough, so simplify and live easier!  

The 10 best parenting apps for moms. You may not of heard of some of these apps, but they are are to help you organize your life, save you money and educate you little ones.

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    Thanks for the list! There are some on here I’ve never heard of and will definitely be downloading!

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