Beach Vacay Essentials-Packing List

Beach Vacay Essentials-Packing List

How long has it been since you last enjoyed a beach getaway? Perhaps, you had to postpone a trip from last year because of the pandemic and are eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to soar the skies again. The weather’s warming up and that island vacation is starting to look more and more like a possibility. So you buy your ticket, book your hotel and excursions, and may even make an appointment to catch up on all of your vaccinations. Your well-deserved escape is on the horizon, but before you take off, don’t forget to go over this list of essential travel items that you must pack on your next beach vacation. 

I recently got back from Montego Bay, Jamaica and wanted to share with you some of the items that I found to be the most useful on my trip.

1. Snorkeling Equipment

I LOVED having this ready when I went snorkeling in Jamaica. I could breath easily without any fogging, and it kept the salt water out of my eyes and mouth. 

2. Big Floppy Hat

Keeping the sun out of your face is high-key important. 

3. Sunscreen

This sunscreen is perfect for protecting your face, without getting that dreadful white cast after the product dries. 

Here are some great products for kids:

4. Bathing suits

I recommend packing 2 to 3 bathing suits that you can alternate through during your trip. 

5. Water Shoes

These are great for water activities, and make it so that you can safely and comfortably maneuver through slippery terrain. 

6. Portable Charger

This is an item I think everyone should have on them all the time! The last thing you want is to be rushing to find an outlet on your dream vacation. Keep the good times rolling and your battery full with this portable charger.

7. Fanny Pack

I know it’s 2021, but this 90’s fashion staple is an essential when it comes to outdoor activities that may not be suitable for carrying a purse or backpack. You can easily and securely carry your important items, including documents like passports. 

8. Beach Bag

9. Shorts

10. Dressy Outfits

I recommend packing at least two outfits you can wear on a nice dinner or for those memorable photo-ops. 

11. Walking Shoes

I can not emphasize this enough, pack proper shoes! No matter the destination, you must bring along shoes that are suitable for whatever activities you have planned. Your feet and wallet will thank you since you won’t have to resort to buying pricier novelty shoes at tourist shops. 



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