Building Lifelong Habits

Building Lifelong Habits

Thank you Fortify Probiotics for sponsoring this building lifelong habits post.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own .


Old habits die hard, especially the ones that are deep-rooted. Developing new ones can be even more difficult. With a crazy schedule like ours, it takes real dedication to incorporate new habits. You guys showed interest in finding out how we do it, so I’m sharing with you my top three tips on incorporating new habits and the new habits that my family and I are forming.

For the past few weeks, I’ve challenged myself to be intentional about consistently taking my Fortify Probiotics. It’s become a part of my family’s routine, with options for kids over two years old. This small but mighty change was just what we needed to kickstart a balance in our overall health.


I love that Fortify probiotics provides a super charged support to our immune health, helping to protect us from the inside out.



Start by focusing on one habit at a time


As women, we try to do it all. Multitasking seems like a badge of honor, but there is power in focusing on a single task. Choose the top three areas you would like to improve it. Then, choose one task from those three that will help get you there. That is the starting point and everything can snowball from there, as long as you remain consistent.

Eliminate excuses


Sometimes we don’t realize how many of our bad habits are stemming from excuses. I used to be the queen of excuses until I decided to move as many roadblocks as possible. I like to eliminate roadblocks by automating. One way I do this is setting up subscribe & save for a product as soon as I think about it. I have my Fortify probiotics set on Amazon subscribe & save so that a new bottle comes to my house every 30 days.

Stick to it again and again


You may have heard that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Although this may be true, at some point we have all seen our efforts wax and wane from consistency to inconsistency: either days, weeks or months after getting started. There is no issue with this as long as you keep trying. It’s pushing yourself to get back into it that helps create the true habit. Setting reminders on your phone for the next 60 days to remember to take your vitamins and supplements will create a greater likelihood of a good habit forming.

As I’ve shared before in my morning routine, taking multivitamins has become second nature. However, this was only after consistent repetition in the first three months. I asked my husband to keep my vitamins and supplements out in the open as a reminder to take them. Adding a probiotic for myself and my little guys took a little more effort but has become second nature because of the habits I’ve already established.

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