Creating A Summer First Aid Kit

Creating A Summer First Aid Kit

Summer means more time outdoors with all the fun activities that kids will surely enjoy. It is the time of
the year when they do not have to think about school and just be kids at play. It is also the time to pay
close attention to the hazards that the outdoors may bring such as insect bites, too much exposure to
the sun, allergies and perhaps a few cuts and scrapes. It may sound cliché, but prevention is still
better than cure (I hear my mother’s accent as I type that).

Always Be Prepared

Fortunately, there are now many products that can help you protect your children from the inevitable
summer mishaps. If you are planning to go on a summer vacation or even just a quick hike to the woods,
then you must always prepare a first aid kit that will contain all the essentials. I have come across this
wonderful video on how to prepare a first aid kit for Summer outdoor fun.

The video is so easy to follow plus all the necessary items can be readily found at home. The good
thing is that the video is really informative and will surely convince any parent to keep their own first aid
kit at home.

Bugs and their Friends

Insect bites are never cool and can even pose serious concern especially when the bite is not
immediately treated. The U.S. CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have reported an
alarming data which shows that illnesses caused by fleas, mosquitoes and ticks bites have tripled since
2004. However, this should not discourage parents from going on vacations or just even spending time
outdoors with their kids. There are many preventive measures to take that are all effective and it all
starts by choosing the right insect repellant.

Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Mama Doc who is also connected with the Seattle Children’s Hospital
shares her bug prevention tips for summer:

1. Never use bug repellants on infants.
2. Bug repellant can only be applied to healthy skin and on the outside layer of clothes.
3. Remember to apply enough amount of bug spray 15-20 minutes before going out.
4. DEET is very effective and safe to use.
No matter how we do our best to protect our children from bug bites and other summer-related
problems; there are instances when the bugs win. But, we can still win the battle against the bugs by
using the right medication that can treat the bite. There are many variations of treatments for insect bites and most of these can be purchased over the counter (OTC). Take a look at this link from to get more information on skin protectants and treatments. In case your child
cannot stop scratching the bites, here are some tips that can help:

1. Cover up the bites using clothing or bandages. This will stop them from scratching the area and
cause further damage.
2. Use the right OTC allergy medicines if needed such as medicines that contain diphenhydramine
which will provide relief from itchiness. OTC hydrocortisone ointments or creams can also be
applied on bites that are not scratched open.
3. Soften your child’s nails with the use of emery board so that they won’t break their skin when
they scratch the affected part.

Cuts and Scrapes

Cuts and scrapes are basically part of a child’s life. It is quite normal for a kid to get the occasional cuts
and even bruises especially when they spend too much time playing. The best treatment for cuts and
wounds is cleaning the affected part and applying an antibiotic ointment for 1-3 days as advised by Dr.

Creating A Summer First Aid Kit

Creating A Summer First Aid Kit

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