The Easy Evening Routine For Working Moms

The Easy Evening Routine For Working Moms

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It can be a struggle to get through an after-work routine, especially as a parent of 2 toddlers. All you want to do is wind down and relax from your hectic day at work but once we walk through the front door: it’s a race against the clock to get a toddler approved meal cooked, kitchen cleaned, baths give an entire bedtime routine after that. Whew!  I know what your thinking, how do working moms do it all?


It was a  struggle at first juggling 2 under 2 after working a 9-5, but we’ve managed to figure out an after work/after school routine that keeps the peace when it’s 2 against 1. The key is to streamline as much as possible. I’m sharing how I get through those work days alone when my husband is working out of town.   The following are my personal tips for an evening routine after work. To put timing into perspective, we get home no earlier than 6:30pm and bedtime is 8pm, this is how we manage the in-between.

easy evening routine for working moms

The Easy Evening Routine For Working Moms

easy evening routine for working moms

Create A Routine With Your Toddler

If you have a toddler that’s becoming as expressive as my 3-year-old, they will thrive from routine and be pretty vocal when you try to deviate from it. You would have the biggest laugh at his reaction to me trying to skip a part of our evening routine. Home, Dinner, Bath, Bed: That’s what they expect.

Screen Time Is An Option

Not everyone believes in screen time for their children and that’s ok. We do tho, for limited amounts throughout the day. When coming home from daycare and asking them about their day (with very little response from a 3 year old and 18 months old but hey, I’m trying to establish a routine) I turn on 1 of their favorite shows to buy time while setting up dinner.

easy evening routine for working moms

No Fighting For Dinner

We don’t offer snacks before dinner because these guys would literally live off of snacks if they could. Mealtime during my evening routine after work consists of only quick and toddler approved options. My toddlers are both going through a picky phase so it’s safe to assume they declined the beautiful meal options at daycare and have arrived home with ravenous appetites for their preferred meals. I’m still working on breaking them from this habit so if you have any suggestions for picky eaters please leave them below.


Easy Side Dish For Busy Weeknights

Keeping to their preapproved menu, which includes Idahoan mashed potatoes,  helps us avoid any unnecessary meltdowns while on solo duty. We save all

Idahoan Mashed Potatoes are made from real potatoes and take only minutes to make. It’s easy to make creamy or thick, the way the boys prefer. No wonder they’re called “America’s favorite Mashed Potatoes”

Embrace my limitations and make sure that every aspect of our after-school routine is really easy. I try to keep meal time simple and stay with products that save time and fighting. Just like the real easy, real potatoes in Idahoan Mashed Potatoes. Coming home from work after a hectic day in clinic I prefer to keep my evening routine simple and as stress-free as possible. My best advice is creating quick and simple meals that you can be sure your toddlers will love.

easy evening routine for working moms

Turn On My Assistants

Before heading upstairs for our bedtime routine, its clean up time in the kitchen and living room. I like to get all of my “assistants” going after I have dinner going such as the robot vacuum and filling the dishwasher to run overnight. Sometimes I just have to get a load of laundry started too so I may or may not start the washer.


Get Morning Ready

Planning ahead is key when you’re short on time and hands. I usually pick out their school clothes and my work scrubs right before we begin their bedtime routine. If you guys are interested, I’ll be covering bedtime routine at a later date.


Their current bedtime is 8 pm and we are strict on that because once their down, I start my 3rd shift: working on blog/business. Prepare for tasks planned for the next day.

easy evening routine for working moms


It all comes down to the essentials for any after work evening routine for working moms:




The Easy Evening Routine For Working Moms

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  1. March 14, 2019 / 12:58 pm

    These are all really great tips. I don’t think people realize how much simpler some things can be with a little organization, and that applies to all areas of your life. Thanks for sharing.

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