How I Use At Home Box Hair Dye

How I Use At Home Box Hair Dye


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Do’s and don’ts for at-home box hair color

Our hair is our crowning glory and most women spend a good amount of money to make sure that their locks are in perfect condition. Going to the salon to get your hair colored can be a bit expensive especially if you need to do it often. Hello new growth. Hello several weeks in different shades. Fortunately, there are now many box colors on the market like, Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color with a wide range of caring colors to choose from for strong- and healthy-looking hair. Keratin Color is now available at Dollar General. Be sure to keep in mind keep that not all hair color brands offer the same quality or even produce the same results. Keratin Color results in professional quality hair color at home that is easy to use and produces beautiful color results that last!


Before you color your hair, do your research on the materials, directions and desired outcome. What will the maintenance look like? Also, make sure to perform a patch test with whatever dye you choose to avoid a potential allergic reaction to your skin! For what it’s worth, I went with the classic jet black hair with bangs in Keratin Color’s Onyx Black. Let me know below if you want a video on how I cut my bangs. Until then, here’s:

How to use box hair color like a Pro

  1. My rule of thumb. If you have long hair you may want to buy two boxes- everyone else should be fine with one! It’s always beneficial to err on the side of caution since you don’t want to be half way through the process and need to make a store run. Don’t worry if you end up with the second box—you can still use it for touch-ups.
  2. Keep all the necessary tools within reach and do not forget to wear gloves. Schwarzkopf® Keratin Color comes with pre-color serum, the color creme that will be mixed with the developer lotion, and finally the K-BOND-PLEX®  conditioner. The formula provides results with up to 80% less breakage versus untreated hair. What you’ll need is: mirrors, large plastic hair clips and a timer.
  3.  Once you are ready to apply the hair dye, make sure to apply it in layers, using the large plastic clips to hold the hair not being dyed out of the way. Take your time to work through your hair to ensure each strand is covered. Becoming lazy on this tedious part is why some of my hair was still dark brown, causing me to go back and re-dye the hair. Used Keratin Color Onyx Black.
  4.  After you have completely applied the color to your hair, make sure to set the timer
  5. as indicated in the box dye.
  6.  Once the timer goes off apply warm water to your hair and work into a lather then rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear. Make sure that no color will remain in the hair since it will damage or stain your scalp.
  7.  Apply a generous amount of conditioner.
  8. Lastly, style your hair the way you like it and check if you have achieved your desired results. You can dry your hair first so you can take a better look of your new hair color.
  9.  If you are going to try a new color, then you can use any of the following products:

– Color Remover which is effective if you colored your hair to a darker shade

– Clarifying shampoos can tone down a dark shade but always apply conditioner after using to keep hair smooth.

Try Keratin Color – now available at Dollar General! They’re so confident you’ll love it that they’re offering a money-back guarantee. The guarantee is only available at Dollar General until 8/31!

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How I Use At Home Box Hair Dye

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