My Favorite STEM Activities for Littles With KiwiCo

My Favorite STEM Activities for Littles With KiwiCo

*This post is sponsored by KiwiCo but as always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Sincerely Onyi*

Children are born naturally curious, and childhood is an exciting time because they believe they can do anything. As a parent of two preschoolers, I strive to find ways to support their interests, while encouraging the development of their cognitive skills. That’s why I love discovering companies, like KiwiCo, that aim to promote natural curiosity in every child, one project at a time. 

We’re a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) family, so it’s only natural that our children would have an early exposure to these fields as my husband and I have educational and professional backgrounds in medicine and engineering. 

Each of the wonderful and enriching boxes contains an exciting STEAM project bound to spark the inner innovator in your child. Everyone can join in the fun with these unique KiwiCo projects. They offer the best of both worlds when it comes to education and entertainment. I absolutely love that we are able to select from a wide array of adventurous projects in the areas of arts and sciences, that are not only engaging, but age appropriate, so each child can have an experience that’s unique to their respective interests and developmental stage.  You’ll find everything you need within each crate, including the right supplies, instructions, and inspiration for a day filled with learning. All the materials you need come in the box, so you’ll never have to make an emergency trip to the store because you’re missing something.

Let me start by saying that my boys were not the only ones eager to begin building their projects. I was very impressed by the packaging and simplicity of their colorfully illustrated instruction booklets that enabled them to be able to easily follow along. The first of our projects was the Snowman Wobbler. With this festive project my oldest was able to construct a soft and plush snowman that tips over when pushed, then stands upright again. My sons loved the craftiness of this project and I loved that we were able to explore the science of weight and balance.

Next, we tried the Window garden that explores the topics of scientific observations and plant science. This hands-on project comes with everything needed to teach your little botanist about plant parts. They’re also able to witness the stages of plant growth, with the prospect of enjoying the “fruits” of their labor once their planted seeds grow fully. 

Lastly, we engaged in imaginative play and hands-on exploration with the Pop-up felt play mat. This interactive set comes with a play mat and pop-up pieces that enable your little one to use their imagination to create the town of their dreams. They can also practice their storytelling, sorting, and color-matching skills. I really liked the decorative tote bag that’s great for easy storage and portability for their overnight stays at their grandparents’. 

A KiwiCo kit is a wonderful gift not only for kids but the entire family. You can create lifelong memories of hands-on fun where the whole family gets together to work on these unique activities. There are themed kits to match your décor and fit in with the festive spirit as well.

Surprise your children with one of these marvelous crates even when you’re on a budget with their affordable prices. Even without subscribing, you can find a pocket-friendly kit for $10. The gift of learning and creativity doesn’t have to be expensive when you shop at KiwiCo stores. Visit the KiwiCo Store online to get 20% off your entire store order.  

My Favorite STEM Activities for Littles With KiwiCo


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