Hand Washing During Flu Season: Stay Prepared

Hand Washing During Flu Season: Stay Prepared

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You’ve probably heard healthcare providers tell you the best way to avoid catching or spreading colds and flus is hand washing. Read on and discover why it’s so important and how to protect your hands from drying out with the help of Remedy

Dermatology Series. Not only is Remedy perfect for keeping your hands hydrated, but it’s the best body lotion to have on hand this winter.

Hand Washing Stops The Spread of Germs

Just think about it. We all use our hands when we cough, sneeze, blow our nose

, and use the bathroom. The cold and flu viruses stay on our hands until we wash them. Then we use these same hands to bite our nails, eat finger foods, or rub our eyes.

This is why it’s so important to wash your hands frequently during the flu season. You want to make sure you aren’t touching contaminated surfaces and then bringing those germs into your body.

How To Properly Wash Your Hands

What is the right way to wash your hands?


According to the CDC, the best way to wash your hands is by following these steps.

  1. Wet your hands with running water.
  2. Lather your hands with soap, making sure to lather both the front and back of your hands and in between your fingers.
  3. Rinse them under clean running water.
  4. Dry them completely.

How often should you wash your hands? You only have to wash your hands before and after preparing food, after using the bathroom, and after blowing your nose or coughing into your hands.

It’s also a good idea to wash your hands after you get home from work to prevent spreading germs from work to your family.

Use a Hydrating Lotion

All this hand washing has one negative downside—it is awful to your skin. Most soaps will dry out your skin. If you don’t use an effective hydrating lotion, your hands could even crack and bleed.


The final step after washing your hands should be applying lotion. Now I don’t know about you, but I have a hard enough time remembering everything throughout my day. I don’t need one more thing I might forget. To help, I have my 3 oz bottle on me when I am on the go.

I prefer to just apply Remedy Dermatology Series lotion at night before I go to bed. There are so many amazing things about this lotion and it really does keep it soft and healthy. And to make it better, you can easily find it at your local CVS! Checkout CVS saving to stock up for yourself! Until 12/14 you can get $3 in Extrabucks after spending $10 on Remedy Dermatology Series.


These are my favorite things that make Remedy Dermatology Serie

s the best hand lotion out there:

  • Made by Skin Care Specialists – If anyone knows what your skin needs, it’s the people that work directly with skin everyday.
  • Skin Retains Moisture for 24 Hours – I don’t have to reapply this throughout the day. Just once does the job.
  • Uses Natural Oils – It has natural ingredients like Safflower Oleosomes.
  • Free of Common Irritants – Just look at what is NOT in it. Paraben-free, fragrance-free; no aloe, phthalates or sulfates.
  • Hypoallergenic – Free of ingredients found on the North American 80 Comprehensive Series (NAC-80) list of possible irritants.

Hand Washing Is Vital

Hand washing is one of those things that’s so important every flu season. But it can also dry out your hands, especially when the weather is cold and dry. To keep your hands soft and hydrated, use a lotion that nourishes with natural oils. Stay ahead and prepared of the flu this year.

Hand Washing During Flu Season_ Stay Prepared

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