Must-Have Essentials For A Small Bathroom Or Powder Room

Must-Have Essentials For A Small Bathroom Or Powder Room

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We are getting into the full swing of our new home renovations and we’re ready to tackle the first step to our powder room. Even if you have a small bathroom, you can still give it a luxurious feel. All you need to do is follow these tips and make sure you have these essentials. (Giving away a Mansfield Toilet! Details below)

Moving from one house to another means we get a fresh start. I actually get to decorate and create a welcoming space in our guest bathroom. I’m only going to place the most important things in it. That way it still looks like a larger area. I discovered that when you fill up your room with too much stuff that you don’t need, it feels crowded and cluttered.


Small Bathroom Essentials

Whether you have a guest bathroom or a small hall bath, there are a few things that every powder room needs. Create your own checklist and fill the room with these things before you start adding unnecessary things to it.

Right-Sized Mirror

Every bathroom needs a mirror. The key for a small bathroom is to choose a mirror that won’t overpower the room and make it feel smaller.

As a rule, the mirror shouldn’t be wider than your vanity area. So if you have a 48-inch vanity, aim for a mirror that is no more than 42-inches wide.

Personal Care

Next, you need to stock the room with the necessary personal care items that your family and guests will need.

The most important things to put in your bathroom include:

  • Toilet paper

  • Wet wipes

  • Soap

  • Feminine hygiene products



Air Freshener

Let’s face it, bathrooms are smelly places. Combat the stink with a decorative scented candle.

If you don’t want to use a candle, you can stash some other form of air freshener inside your bathroom. There are so many different kinds – from aerosol sprays to room mists. Have fun and pick out the scent you love the most.



Small Toilet

It’s also very important to pick out a toilet that fits in your space the best. As soon as we moved in we installed a new Vanquish toilet from Mansfield. These smart height toilets are available at Lowe’s and I’m so excited to give one away to one of my lucky followers within the next 2 weeks. The Vanquish by Mansfield has easy clean seats and slender lines that make it a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to your bathroom. It’s safe to say, some of the best toilets come from Mansfield Plumbing. They are American made and you can choose from different heights and shapes.

When you are buying a new toilet, measure your room and pick one out that is going to fit with some space on either side.

Also consider the toilet height so that everyone that is going to use it it comfortable.




Hand Towel

This is my favorite way to add some color and design to the small bathroom – displaying a pretty hand towel.

When you put one out that matches the color of the room and is extremely soft, you will impress your guests.


Trash Can

Don’t forget to place a trash can near the toilet. There are lots of different designs. Pick one out that has a cover so it hides the unsightly trash.

This is another way that you can match the colors and design of your bathroom.


Artificial Plant

It is truly amazing the difference a plant makes in a room – even a small bathroom. If you don’t have a green thumb, set an artificial plant in the room. It will brighten up the room and make it feel homier.


Final Thoughts

It is so easy to create a gorgeous area in a small bathroom. Focus on large and small statement pieces while refraining from overfilling your room. A slender toilet can be a major statement piece as it doesn’t take over the entire room. You can have your choice of Mansfield toilets by commenting on my giveaway here from October 15th-24th! Decorating a new bathroom can be so much fun, what would you add to this list?






Must-Have Essentials For A Small Bathroom

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