My Best Of Trader Joe’s List With Printable Inside

My Best Of Trader Joe’s List With Printable Inside

You guys might not realize this but my love for Trader Joe’s is borderline obsessive. To make it even worse, as I prepare this post my Husband has informed me that Trader Joe’s is now HIS favorite grocery store. I love Trader Joes because they have so many new, tasty, healthy and affordable products. It’s rare that we’ve come across a Trader Joe’s find we don’t like (but it’s happened).  Can’t forget to mention that the employees are so friendly and helpful. Customer service is such a big factor in my patronage.  You guys overwhelming asked for some of my Trader Joe’s favorites so I’ve created a printable of my favorite you can grab below.

My Trader Joe’s History

After discovering Trader Joe’s while living in Nevada in 2011 I vowed I would never live anywhere without one. Seriously, guys, it’s just that good. Before I even knew it, they opened up locations in Texas and Oklahoma. Not too far from my future homes. If you don’t think God answers prayers I recommend you practice patience and keep praying!

Tips For Baby Led Weaning

Of course, my list of favorites may have changed throughout the years since Trader Joe’s loves to bring in new products (while also crushing souls when they take away favorites like rose water lotion and my multigrain triple berry flax & chia oatmeal). So I can’t promise that everything on this list will be there for years to come but as of 2019 this is the list of the best Trader Joe’s products to purchase.

So remember:  Literally everything is delicious and I have had a chance to try almost anything. If you end up not like something, Trader Joe’s will take it back. No questions asked.


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