My Sick Day Essentials

My Sick Day Essentials

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Since it’s cold season lets chat about why you should stay at home and some of my favorite essentials for getting through the sick days.


No one deserves to catch your sickness. The world around you will just have to keep moving while you take a moment to rest — so stay prepared with these sick day essentials at home.

1.  HALLS cough drops


If you are experiencing the colds that are synonymous with the season, you can find some temporary cough and sore throat relief in taking a Halls cough drop.


When you have HALLS cough drops on hand, you’re always prepared for relief.

HALLS cough drops are an over the counter drug to help temporarily soothe sore throats and relieve coughs.


HALLS cough drops are easy to throw in your bag on the go or keep them right at home for whatever life coughs my way. They’re available in many flavors including cherry, honey lemon, and mentho-lyptus. My go-to is the mentho-lyptus flavor cough drop.


We have all been in the position of coming down with a cough or a sore throat and they can pop up at the drop of a hat. If you have HALLS on hand, both at home and on-the-go, you’ll always have temporary relief from cold symptoms.


2.  Blankets and pillows


When I’m sick, it’s like I’m hot and cold at the same. Sometimes my cold is treated with some downtime, just laying in bed.


3.  A cup of tea

Any cup of tea will do helping to warm up your insides. Sometimes I use the cup to “steam” myself under the blankets.

4.  My laptop

As a working from in and out of the home mom, I do my best to avoid getting sick—There are no off days when you own your own business. There is always something you are working on!. That’s why my laptop makes the list for sick day essentials. Let’s pretend I give myself a break after an hour or so of work –  I’ll definitely use my laptop to binge-watch seasons of my favorite shows.

5. Sleep Mask

As an advocate for healthy sleep hygiene, I am often recommending a sleep mask to all of my patients. It helps the mind settle down into sleep which can be helpful if your cold is giving you restless sleep.

And that’s it folks, my sick day essentials!


Make sure to keep your medicine cabinet stocked with HALLS to temporarily relieve your cough and sore throat.

My Sick Day Essentials | Sincerely Onyi

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