Our Toddler Friendly Living Room

Our Toddler Friendly Living Room

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Let me be full-on transparent here: one of my least favorite things in the world is having toys thrown all about our living space. I want my boys to enjoy themselves in the most lived in room in our home but I don’t want to stay in a room that doesn’t have a bit of style to it. Who’s with me?  Lucky enough, we have a dedicated playroom for the boys that houses a majority of their toys. However, there’s no surprise that their toys and books often end up hanging out in the main living room with us. There is no way to have any part of the house restricted when you have a toddler unless you can keep it under lock and key. Yes, it’s pretty impossible to avoid when have two toddlers, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job creating a space that represents us while allowing the kids to have their dedicated space.

Pieces We Love:


Our Desenio Wall Art Gallery

This final addition has really brought the room together. I love love LOVE how easy it was to make a complete and custom gallery wall from the site. I seriously can’t mention enough how excited the diversity of options made me. I was able to juxtapose the beauty of a black woman’s silhouette with the calm of ocean waves and palm trees. I have even more of their art to show you when I finish putting together my office. Until them, you can use code ONYI to get 25% off of art on the Desenio site for the next 3 days.


Storage For Their Stuff

The key to our happy hangout spot is having storage that goes along with our color palette and fits right in with the decor.


Things We Live Without:


A center table

We love having space for our toddlers to run and play freely. Of course, we would absolutely love a place to set down a cup or decorative piece, so there will come a time when my anxiety isn’t picturing them falling into a corner or climbing on a nice center table.


A white couch

My dream is to one day own a white couch. And I will, for now I am making the most out of our 5 year old couch from Offer Up. The amount of spills this couch has seen is embarrassing!

Links To Other Living Room Pieces:


Our Toddler Friendly Living Room

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