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Every time I look at our family pictures from last December I laugh a little because I had no idea we would need an updated picture so soon! Lucky for us, Portrait Innovations is a great place to take studio pictures with the entire family.

Yay! blocks to distract The Goz

The wonderful photographer we worked with was such a natural at getting my little guys to smile. I didn’t have to even give my little disclaimer of “This might be the hardest picture you ever took”. 😩Unlike me, who has to take 100 shots of Goz to find one good one, the Portrait Innovations photographer snapped about 3 times and was ready for the next pose.

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Family portraits are hard to capture with a toddler. Here are 3 tips learned

Well…at least they’re looking up!


What I learned about photographing a toddler:

1)Schedule for early morning or right after nap time

The meltdown meter is at an all-time low at this point.

2) Give Them Somewhere To Sit

The Goz is always on the move once he learned to walk. It is hard enough to chase down a 20-month-old and convince him to look in one direction. If you can convince them to sit down you will get a few seconds of stillness. Have your camera ready to go!

3) Don’t Be Bossy But Move Quickly

A patient and playful tone may extend their moment of stillness. We all know toddlers are the least cooperative when under pressure.

4) If all else fails, lollipops are your friend!




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Taking pictures of toddlers can be challenging. While taking a Family Portrait at Portrait Innovations I learned 3 tips on getting the best pictures with your kids. #familyportrait #familypicture #poses #pictureswithtoddlers #halloween #falltheme

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