How Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment Can Brighten Your Baby’s Mood 

triple paste diaper rash ointment

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Babies have to wear a diaper 24/7 and in that, they are prone to diaper rash. When their bottom is exposed to the moisture constantly, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, and a diaper rash can develop. If you have a baby, you know the pain and discomfort that comes with a diaper rash. So how do diaper rash creams and ointments help brighten your baby’s mood exactly? Let me share three reasons why you should always keep a good diaper rash ointment stocked in your cupboard. Never run out and always keep your baby’s bottom happy and comfortable.

For me, I reach for Triple Paste diaper rash ointment. Pediatricians recommend the Triple Paste brand, as it helps soothe babies’ irritated skin and offers a barrier for nice, long-lasting protection to help heal the rash. This is a must with diaper rash. If it goes untreated, it can be pretty painful and then you have a miserable little one.

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3 Reasons Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment Soothes Your Baby’s Mood

Get Around Easier

A diaper rash ointment, like Triple Paste, can bring relief for those active babies on the move. If you had a diaper rash, you would understand how painful it can be to take each step. Their diaper rubs on their bottom as they walk, and that can be quite painful and make the irritation worse. The ointment will help soothe the pain and become a layer of protection so they can move without feeling the aches and pain. Your baby will be a lot happier if they can play without hurting!

Pain Relief

A lot of diaper creams and ointments, like Triple Paste, help soothe the pain that comes with a diaper rash. A baby could be fussy because they are hurting and want the pain to stop. Apply a good amount of ointment to their rash and watch them almost instantly seem to find relief and become happier.

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Sound Sleep

You might know that if your baby has a painful diaper rash they might wake up hurting and begin to cry or fuss. When you slather them up at night with a thick ointment, like Triple Paste, you can allow them to sleep more soundly through the night and not have the irritation from the rash. In that, you have a happier baby waking up! It is hard when your baby doesn’t get much sleep through the night and wakes up extra fussy.

Triple Paste Ointment is perfect for a diaper rash because of the zinc oxide that soothes and protects inflamed and irritated skin, while providing a healing barrier. Triple Paste is a versatile diaper rash ointment I can use to soothe the mood of my baby or toddler. A must-have for moms with 2 kids under 2 with sensitive skin. Grab a coupon HERE!

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