What Is A Probiotic & Which Probiotic Brand Works For Me

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Are you confused about probiotics? Do you understand the benefits it can bring to your wellness regimen? The older I get, the more I realize there are supplements I should be adding to our daily routine. I previously shared how important B. Infantis probiotic strain can be for your newborns. If you’re not convinced why you need probiotics, I’m sharing more about their benefits and why I choose Renew Life as my favorite probiotic brand.

What Are Probiotics

Bacteria in your body outweighs your body’s cells 10 to 1. Around 85% of the bacteria in our gut is beneficial to our health. Having a probiotic to take helps maintain that good for you flora. Probiotics help give your body the right bacteria that aid in a handful of benefits for your body! So no fear, probiotics are here to save the day!

Probiotics are a supplement of live bacteria and yeast that help repopulate your gut. They come in liquid or pill form and not only help to digest food but keep the lining of your gut healthy.  I frequently recommend probiotic use after any course of antibiotics.


what probiotic brand works

How Does A Probiotic Work?

Probiotics keep the balance of the body’s bacteria. An imbalance can be brought on by many factors; including stress, unhealthy diet or antibiotics. This imbalance can lead to weight gain, skin conditions, constipation, and various chronic health conditions.

For example, if you get sick it can throw off the balance of your guts. A probiotic can help replenish your body with good bacteria and regulate your system again. For everyday maintenance, probiotics are good to keep things in running order and keep that healthy bacteria in your guts to keep your body happy.

Probiotics can help your body efficiently push food through your gut and combat the overgrowth of “bad bacteria” in your system.

How To Use Probiotics For Maximum Benefits

Do you take on an empty stomach? With or without food? How do you store it? Knowing how to take a probiotic to reach its maximum benefits is key. Depending on the probiotic brand or type of probiotic will say how it should be managed.Renew Life probiotics are shelf stable, delayed-release capsules. This gives the probiotics a better chance to pass through the stomach acid and break down where it should for maximum results. I take my Renew Life probiotic daily with a light meal, which helps protect the capsule from the stomach acid in your stomach.

 what probiotic brand works

Why Renew Life Probiotic Brand

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics are your go-to for powerful immune and digestive support. You’ll recognize their canary yellow box in the pharmacy of your local Target. They have been pioneers in superior–quality digestive wellness supplements to help adults and families ‘live healthier and feel better from the inside out’. They provide potent formulas with billions of live probiotic cultures in each capsule. Most importantly, I chose them because of their delayed-release capsule so more probiotics reach the intestinal tract.



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 what probiotic brand works

Have you added probiotics to your wellness regimen?




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