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We are at it AGAIN! We have another baby in our home and let me tell you this: every child is so different. My first son was loud and rambunctious from the start, wanting attention at all times.  My 2nd is turning out to be very chill, to the point that he rarely cries to be carried. Going through it all for the 2nd time is as special as the 1st, and few moments are as special as watching your child reach those monumental milestones such as their first smile, first steps, or first words.  But most importantly, did you know how important it is to be aware of even smaller milestones? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to obsess over milestones you haven’t seen just yet but there are 4 important reasons to be aware. It’s important to keep track of all their social, cognitive, movement and language milestones to know if your child is just a little behind or if there is an actual problem.

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Let’s uncover the 6-month milestones with the help of my favorite Milestone Tracker app from CDC that even helps me keep track of appointments! (Yes, your favorite medical provider forgets their own doctor appointments sometimes.) This app comes with tips and activities to work on with your child, which is one of my favorite parts because sometimes I’m stumped on age appropriate things to do with my infant. I would definitely recommend this app to my patients because of how easy it is to use and record monthly pictures and videos for each child.

If you don’t see one of the following 6-month milestones, don’t panic. It’s natural to worry as a parent but know that some children progress at a slower rate than others. This is only a guide. If you have concerns, keep track of them in the CDC Milestone Tracker App and reach out to your pediatrician. These are the milestones I was happy to see Kez reach at 6 months old.

6 Month Milestones 


  • Are they rolling from front to back and back to forth easily
  • Learning to slowly sit up without havingphysical support
  • Can they support the weight of their body when they stand

Cognitive and Language 

  • Able to bring a toy or food up to their mouth
  • Responds or looks when you say their name
  • Starts to move an object from one hand to another 
  • Shows curiosity to sounds or objects around them 
  • Might become verbal, saying vowel sounds as if they are trying to talk


  • You might catch them interested in their reflection in the mirror
  • Begins to enjoy playing with others like “peek a boo.” 
  • Shows that they recognize a familiar face like a family member
  • Notices emotions from others (eg. if you laugh they laugh or smile) 

Why We Track Developmental Milestones

  1. Tracking milestones help to keep you in tune with your baby’s development, and it allows you to identify and celebrate progress as he/she reaches new milestones. Tracking also helps you to notice potential delays in development as early as possible. By noticing early and acting on concerns, you can get your child the help he/she needs as early as possible through services such as early intervention.
  2. They can alert your doctor that your child may need additional monitoring. Remember, your medical provider only sees a glimpse of your baby’s behavior. I know each time you take your child to the pediatrician for a well-child check, they give you a paper that asks a handful of questions about your little one. They ask these questions to screen your child’s development and make sure they are on track. Sometimes when babies or toddlers don’t reach milestones they should, there could be an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It’s important that your child get the right diagnosis.

Learn the signs and act early with the help of the CDC Milestone Tracker App, available on Google Play and iTunes. Make sure to reach out and talk to your doctor if you are finding your baby isn’t making similar moves to what is above, not working towards rolling over, doesn’t respond to sounds, and so on.

Have you checked out the CDC Milestone Tracker App? How do you keep track of milestones?



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