Ankara Styles To Celebrate Black History Month

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Ankara styles, especially to celebrate Black History Month, are always on trend. The beautiful and rich ankara fabric is suitable for any occasion. Our black history is a beautiful complexity that embraces all things black, whether they originated in Africa or in Diaspora.

Today I’m bringing ankara to your office looks.

ankara styles celebrating black history month

Back in the day, I use to create all types of elaborate styles when I had Asoebi material to sew for an event. (Asoebi is the designated matching material of the family or friends in an African celebration).


Soon enough, my closet was filled with uniquely patterned dresses that I rarely wore more than once. Luckily for me, I have 3 sisters who I am able to pass down ankara to from time to time.


Now that I’m much more seasoned in the ankara design game, I tend to make styles that can be perfect for both outings and a professional setting.

Celebrate Black History Month With Ankara Styles


A couple of years ago, hubby gifted me this ankara Maknisy purse.

ankara styles celebrating black history month

Fast forward to now, I found the same fabric in an Abuja market and I made sure to snatch it up!


During my visit, I had my tailor create a crop top, high waisted pants and this high waisted pencil skirt out of the 6 yards of ankara I bought. You can’t tell me anything when I wear these because I know these ankara prints are poppin! 

I get my favorite Ankara dresses dry cleaned to preserve them over time. I recommend that moving forward, we all keep versatile designs in mind whenever creating custom Ankara fashion. You never know who you might pass it down to. Pinterest is a great resource to find the latest African clothing designs.  You can grab some ready to wear Ankara styles from my favorite stores below.


Celebrate Black History all year long with some of these favs:

Let me know if you want to see more Ankara designs from me. What do you love about Ankara?

Ankara Styles To Celebrate Black History Month

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  1. February 24, 2019 / 11:54 pm

    Such cute pieces! And I love the idea of passing them down, I would kill for some of my mom’s old traditional outfits.

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