All You Need To Plan Your Trip To Breckenridge Colorado | Ski Trip Packing Guide

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Are you dreaming of going snowboarding in Colorado? Need a ski trip packing list? You can grab your free packing checklist here or find it below within the guide. There are a lot of ski resorts in Colorado, each offering a unique experience. But the top of the list should definitely be Breckenridge. Here is everything you need to know about how to plan a ski trip.


Planning a group trip can be unpredictable. When we started planning this trip 6 months ago we had 21 potential travel partners and in the end, in true group travel fashion, we ended up with 9. This is my 3rd group Ski Trip and to our luck, the majority of the group consisted of my siblings and their significant others.

Set for MLK weekend, we flew into Denver, Colorado and took a 2.5 hour shuttle ride to our vacation home. As soon as we arrived we could all feel the impact of the altitude. If you were curious as to why I announced on Instagram that I would never return to Breckenridge again; here’s why.

Altitude Sickness

Despite how happy I looked in these pictures, I was suffering on the inside. Altitude sickness got the best of me. For the entire trip, I felt as if I was close to passing out. Everything hurt and vomiting was a consistent theme for me. It wasn’t for a lack of trying, we bought every possible remedy we could find (canned oxygen, coconut water, altitude adjustment pills). My emergency antiemetic wasn’t a match for what was going on.

Altitude sickness is the negative health effects caused by low amounts of oxygen at high elevation. Altitude sickness can range from a mild case to a life-threatening condition such as Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS), High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) . The symptoms can feel like a hangover such as dizziness, headache, muscle aches, vomiting, problems with sleep. These can progress to confusion, inability to walk or coma.

If you have a more moderate case of altitude sickness, like me, your symptoms do not improve with over the counter (OTC) medications. Instead, as the days go on you feel worse and worse. It was just my luck to be the only person on the trip that had a moderate to severe case of altitude sickness. I don’t want this to deter you from going on a trip to Breckenridge but be aware of the signs. If you do not gradually start to feel better after these remedies below and/or a few days passing. If pregnant please consult with your provider before traveling to a high altitude location.

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Breckenridge, Colorado Ski Trip Guide

When you are planning your winter escape, keep in mind that there will be a lot of packing involved and you’ll want to plan ahead so you don’t miss a single thing.


In this guide, you’ll find a ski trip packing list, as well as things you won’t want to miss when you visit Breckenridge.

ski trip packing list sincerely onyi

What to Do In Breckenridge

What are some must-do activities in and around Breckenridge? Maybe a better question is what is there not to do! This area is packed with activities and winter sports.


Here are some that you’ll definitely not want to miss.


1. Tubing Hill

Tubing at Copper Mountain is unforgettable. The best part about tubing is that you don’t need any training or skills to do it. It’s family-friendly and anyone can experience the thrill of zooming down the mountain in an inflated inner tube.


Where is Copper Mountain? It is about 30 minutes – or 19 miles – west of Breckenridge. You can stay in town, then drive over and spend the day with the family on the mountain.


2. Skiing in Beaver Run

Another can’t-miss experience is Beaver Run. They even have a resort with a hotel and conference center, so if you want to just have an all-inclusive experience, put this on your list.

The best thing about this place is how perfect it is for all levels. Both beginning and expert skiers will have a blast.


This is also one of the closest resorts to Breckenridge. It is only 2 miles away – which ends up being an 8-minute drive. You can definitely enjoy the food and entertainment in Breckenridge while spending the day in Beaver Run.


3. Snowboarding

Snowboarding in Colorado should be on your bucket list. It isn’t difficult to pick up – beginners can learn within a day. And once you do learn, you will not believe how much fun it is!


Almost every mountain resort offers snowboarding. And if you don’t know how to do it, check out a class before you hit the slopes.


4. Arapahoe Basin

The Arapahoe Basin has an extended season, usually staying open until June or July. It is only 20 miles or about 32 minutes away from Breckenridge, making it an easy place to drive.


If you love taking scenic photos, you have to stop by. The snow-capped mountains are absolutely breathtaking at sunset.

ski trip packing list sincerely onyi

Ski Trip Packing List

If you have never taken a winter trip before, then you’ll need to follow this printable ski trip packing list. What you pack for a ski trip is different than just any other vacation away. You will quickly regret not packing extra layers for warmth. Don’t forget to bring the right type of socks and waterproof shoes as my younger sister quickly learned. After you spend a day in the snow, you will want to go back to your vacation home or ski resort and warm up in some dry clothes.


How Far Away From Breckenridge is Winter Park?


Winter Park is a world-famous ski resort. If you are staying in Breckenridge, it is about a 90-minute drive to Winter Park – or about 70 miles. It is definitely doable and should be put on your itinerary if you can fit it in.


What is Ski School?

Ski school is something that lots of winter resorts in Colorado offer to teach the basics of skiing to guests. At a ski school, you can learn everything from the very basics of how to wear skis and stop on a slop, to more advanced techniques like the slalom.


Where Do You Get Skis And Snowboards?

If you have your own, you can bring them. But if you don’t, you have a few options. Most resorts offer rentals on the spot.


But another convenient option is to rent your supplies from an off-resort company and just take them to different parks. Door 2 door rentals by Christy Sports offers this exact option.

ski trip packing list sincerely onyi

Put Breckendridge on Your Travel List

As you are planning your winter trips, keep Breckenridge in mind. It is really close to lots of resorts and the town itself has a variety of restaurants and top hotels. You can enjoy the best of a variety of winter parks and city entertainment, all in one place.


Don’t forget to grab your free ski trip packing list HERE !

All You Need To Plan Your Trip To Breckenridge Colorado | Ski Trip Packing Guide


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