Announcing: The Big Move

Such a whirlwind these last few weeks…..

So at the beginning of December I passed my board exam with flying colors! After that had been accomplished, I was more than ready to relax for a few months, find a job in Houston, find a new home & dive head first into wedding planning.

Remember that saying, “When God hears your plans he laughs”? Although I had my heart set on moving back to Houston after graduation, out of the blue God dropped a blessing on us — a new job opportunity for my Fiancé that would move him to Tulsa….. Oklahoma.

Like seriously, why would someone want to move there willingly? That’s the feeling I got as recruiters were so confused as to why I would choose Tulsa over Houston. Well, I’d pretty much follow my future husband to the other side of the world if he wanted me to so it was no question that I’d be making Tulsa my new home. I don’t know why I was nervous to break the news to my planner but what really freaked me out is realizing I’d have to plan my wedding from a distance .

Now my infrequent visits to Houston will be jam packed with wedding related errands and Bridal overload. Hope my Fiancé is ready to be my chauffeur because I don’t have a car in Houston & I don’t know how to drive his BMW (who drives a stick in 2014 ??)

So far Tulsa isn’t too bad aside from a lack of Trader Joes, Zara & Buffalo Exchange. I think we can make this work!



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