10 Essentials For Your Baby Nursery

baby nursery essentials

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When it comes to decorating the baby nursery, most parents, especially the first-time parents, are at their wit’s end at deciding what to purchase. There are thousands of baby items from hundreds of brands, so it’s natural to be confused.

These 10 Essential Items for a Baby’s Nursery are worth a readbefore you get into nesting.

Diaper Pail:

Diapers are very important. However, some people ignore diaper pails which are equally important because you need a space where you can throw the used diapers instead of running to the dumpster all day. It prevents foul odor from spreading throughout the house. Having a diaper pail will make your li.


A dresser is a perfect organizer. When you have a baby, I hope you understand how messy life becomes. To stay organized, you need to buy a dresser that fits the baby’s room. You can arrange baby’s essentials on the dresser. It looks good, and at the same time, it makes your life more convenient as well.

Changing Table:

An organized changing table is a must in the baby nursery. Unless you want to do all of your diaper changing on the floor which is what I did for the first year of diapers. You can arrange a number of diapers, wet wipes, tissues, baby powders, creams and ointments here. You can find whatever baby essentials you need, and whenever you need without much panic when you have a changing table with storage facility. Plus, you can lay your baby here to change the diapers or applying ointment.

Crib or Bassinet:

A crib or bassinet is the focal point in the nursery as it allows a sound sleep for the baby. Make sure that the crib or bassinet is made up of quality materials as you will be using this particular item for a couple of years. Again, if this is your first kid, consider a sturdy crib offered by the most renowned crib brand brand that you can use for longer, especially when you plan to have another child.

The convertible crib we got for 2 under 2:

Feeding Bottles and Breast Pump

If you are a working mom, you need a good quality feeding bottle and a breast pump to feed the baby and maintain your milk supply. You can pump your breast milk at night, and the baby can have it throughout the day if stored properly. You can bring the bottle to the places where you cannot breastfeed your baby directly as well.

The best breast pump, hands down

Baby Soap and Shampoo:

Your newborn’s skin is super sensitive, right? Remember to buy child-friendly soaps and shampoo that do not irritate their skin and eye. You will find a number of no tear soaps and shampoo in the market that is gentle on your baby’s skin.

Baby Monitor:

As a new mom, you probably understand how terrible it is for you to stay away in a separate room from your newborn baby. However, with the help of latest technology, this problem can be solved if you place a baby monitor in your child’s room.

It allows you to be audio-visually connected to your baby all the time. Some monitors come with audio, some with video and some with both. Anyway, if you wish to see and hear what the baby is doing in the room, you can try the audio-visual one.


Babies are very sensitive creatures, so you need to make sure if the humidifier is clean after every use or it can spread mold. New mothers learn the unfortunate lesson that little ones have few options once they have cold symptom. A baby humidifier can be a smart choice as it keeps the air moist and clean creating a healthy environment in your baby nursery. Moreover, it also contributes to prevent a stuffy nose and allow a sound sleep.


A nightlight is a must-have item in your baby’s room. You will make frequent visits to the baby’s room from diapers changes to feedings, and these things need light.

If you turn on a bright light suddenly, the baby will wake up and start crying. A nightlight will allow you see everything as well as it makes a good sleeping environment for the baby as the light is shallow and dim.

We have these around the nursery

Baby Toys:

Choose toys that are suitable for your baby’s age. Toys distract babies from crying. They are their companions too. Toys with music and light are a matter of delights for babies.

But not all of them are suitable, right? Choose toys that are helpful for their physical and mental development and not sharp at all. Always buy toys that are non-toxic and try to purchase the best ones as they are made of child-friendly particles.

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