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leaving behind a legacy

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With Age Comes Appreciation Of Culture


When my husband and I became parents, we soon began to realize how much our culture matters, especially as we age. Culture becomes the foundation of values and a guide towards discovering who you are.  Growing up, I remember my mom pulling me towards the crowd of dancers saying “you’re Old Bende (a local government in Nigeria), it’s time to dance.” Reluctantly I would move my immature hips to the old school African beats. Little did I know, a decade later that would be the music that brought me comfort, and those would be the soundtracks to my most memorable moments. In the end, we don’t choose how we were raised, but the impact our childhood has on our adulthood is profound.


Leaving Behind A Legacy

Last month I attended my first funeral. It was such a powerful and moving experience to see the people I grew up with, come together as a family to celebrate the life of my Uncle. You can’t help but feel moved by the richness of our culture, the outpouring of support by our community. The event had my husband and I think about what legacy we want to leave behind. It’s on top of that legacy that our children will build their future, be it wealth, morals or traditions. What we leave them with is what they have left of us. We are determined to teach them about money as early as possible. How to manage it and make it work for you. Leaving behind a financial foundation that will help establish generational wealth for decades to come. But leaving behind a legacy is more than what we physically leave for them — but what we leave in them.


With Age Comes Wisdom

Parenting has a beginning and an earthly end. I don’t enjoy thinking about the day I will no longer physically be with my children, but I believe that after death we are still able to have a spiritual presence in the lives of our loved ones. We are never fully gone from them. Before leaving this earth I want my sons to hear these most important lessons.

leaving behind a legacy

What I Want My Children To Know As They Age

  • Give them their flowers while they are living. Wonderful things are said about a person when they pass away, but let them know what you love about them while they are here.
  • Always be kind, forgiving and Christ-like to those around you.
  • What you do after 30 can be just as amazing as what you’ve done before 30
  • Roll with the punches and embrace all of the changes in life. God is setting you up for something wonderful
  • There is always a lesson to be learned from everything and everyone.
  • Embrace your culture, no matter how difficult or unfamiliar it may seem right now, you will be grateful you did
  • You literally can do anything you want to do. Never let anything convince you otherwise
  • Always stay honest and true to yourself

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leaving behind a legacy

How does my generation in Diaspora carry on traditions from back home as we age? Are you leaving behind a legacy for your children?


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