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benefits of optimism

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We Start August 6th!

How would you describe your outlook on life? What keeps you motivated on the day to day? I want to share with you, some of the benefits of optimism. You can do more than change your mindset to look at the glass full, you can change the world around you. I’ve accepted the Frost Bank Optimism Challenge and look forward to approaching the next 30 days with an open mind and spirit.

In case you want to learn more about me, just know that I transformed my life as a pessimist into an optimist in 2005. That year, I discovered happiness after traumatic life events that lead me to reach deep inside and choose optimism. I could have let painful experiences foster self-doubt and seclusion but instead, I chose joy. I’m excited to join the army of optimists that Frost bank is creating with this 30-day challenge. Join the facebook group here and unite with the masses in fostering generosity, changing perspectives and building community. I’ll share my optimism challenge cards over the next 30 days so stay tuned to join me!

San Antonio’s Own Frost Bank Is Here To Start A Movement

Their Mission

Optimism is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the self-fulfilling spark that turns challenges into opportunities and the impossible into the inevitable. It can get a family back on its feet and send a man to the moon. But these days, optimism is under attack, and pessimism seems intent on taking over. Yet we believe a change in perspective changes everything.

Research shows that choosing optimism can be a catalyst to better physical, emotional and even financial health. So, with 150 years of practical experience helping people succeed at our backs, we are leaning into that choice like never before in order to make people’s lives better. And while we don’t know exactly where this leads, we know that together the possibilities are endless.

benefits of optimism

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Benefits of Optimism

You might be amazed at the power being optimistic can bring into your life. Like anything, changing your outlook might take some practice, but in time you will find that you can live a fuller and happier lifestyle if you look at it in an optimistic light. 

Stop allowing one bad situation to lead into another because of your pessimistic outlook. We are here, and we are capable of more than we realize. Be a blessing to yourself and others You will be happier, feel less stressed, and have a better chance of success for all areas of your life. 

Less Stress On Your Life

Stress truly can take a toll on our bodies. We live in a world that is on the go, nonstop. Don’t allow your everyday stress to eat at you until your consuming. When you start to look at the more positive aspects of your life, the stress will fade. That means less worry on your part, and more time to enjoy the finer things in life. 

Coping With The Inevitable 

Once you adopt an optimistic outlook you will find that you’re able to cope with stress and uncertainty. You will be able to look at the bigger picture and see benefits from even the hardest hardships. You will know it is only for a season and that you will overcome and learn from the circumstances. When you are negative it is hard to see past the issue at hand, but being positive will show you that you have been through hardships and you know you can beat this one. 


No one really likes a negative Nancy! It’s not just for anyone else, but when you are alone with your thoughts, you are the only one driving yourself forward. When you have a light and positive outlook on your life, it will be inviting to others. You might find that people enjoy being around you more and that you are able to make friends a lot easier. 


There was a study that showed that 76% of 5100 adults were able to have a healthier health score when they were more optimistic. It gave them better blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and more. Being optimistic truly affects every area of our bodies, especially our health. 

Self Esteem 

You might find having a better outlook on life will give you more of a self-esteem boost. You know your worth, and that any obstacle you face, there is something new on the horizon. You are able to learn from your mistakes to better yourself, and you can build your self-esteem as you go. 

benefits of optimism



Failure is not an option for someone who is optimistic. If you find an end in your career you know you can start a new career that could be even better than what you left behind. Optimists tend to be goal-driven. You can see this through my blog. I don’t allow 1 “No” become a never. There is always a way, always a solution to every problem. You don’t allow one end to ruin you, or lessen your self-worth. You take it as a learning experience and push through to something even better. 


Let’s Unite The Masses And Opt-In To Optimism!

Join the facebook group here and get the motivation to keep moving onward and upward



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