Tips To Improve Toddler Swim Lessons

toddler swim lessons

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OMG, you guys! I have a 2 and half-year-old! Mamas know what a difference that half can make. The progress between the age of 2 and 3 is enormous. His vocabulary has grown leaps and bounds. He is starting to form sentences while going from a hand full of words to using over 200-300. He’s engaging with his little brother more and I think he’s finally accepted the fact that he’s not going anywhere.

One of the most recent changes is he’s graduated from level 2 to level 3 at his Aqua-Tots swim class! Level 3 means no more mommy and Daddy in the water with him. He has to be able to take direction, wait his turn and I seriously can’t believe we have gotten to this stage already. It’s taken the last 4 months for him to get used to the lessons and remain relatively calm in the water.

toddler swim lessons

Getting your child excited for their first swim lessons can be hard at times. Some children naturally love water and others you have to help things along. If you have a child or two and are going to be introducing them to learning to swim you might benefit from these tips below. Once they tackle the fear of swimming they will be begging to head to the pool for a long day of swimming in the warm sun. Here are some helpful tips on how to help your kids to love swimming. 


Even though they no longer need you in the pool for lessons, stay alert and keep your eyes on your little guy until they’re done

toddler swim lessons

Tips To Improve Toddler Swim Lessons

Mentally Prepare 

When you sign your kid up for swim lessons, that is a perfect time to start mentally preparing them. Let them know about the class they will be taking, how often, and all the things they will learn. Remind them it is just like the bathtub just in a bigger form, so they don’t need to be afraid. Let them know it is a safe environment, and they will have lots of fun with games, activities and more during their lessons. Plus they will have friends all around them who are learning too. You can reach out to where you are going for swim lessons to find out what all they will do. At Aqua-Tots they have a list of things they will work on depending on the age range. Aqua-Tots breaks down the classes to fit ages and levels, so they can really work with each child and give them the success you desire. They have instructors that will work right in line with your child. 

Get Them Excited 

Find fun songs to sing about swimming, talk about it throughout the day, and tell them how fun it will be. Try to get them to see all the positives of it. If they show hesitation or being afraid, share a story of how you were afraid of something, and overcame and it was a great experience. 

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Go To The Swim Lessons Area 

Take some time and even just drive by or go in where they are getting their swim lessons before it is time. This will help warm them up to the idea of going there to swim. Offer encouragement, show excitement and just let them get used to being there. 

Stay Involved 

Your child will love you watching and seeing all the new things they are learning. From holding their breath underwater, learning to kick in water, to float. This is a great way to keep them excited, so they can share all the fun thing they are learning. 

Have Patience 

At the end of it, make sure to have patience. It takes time for some kids to learn to like new things. Get a kiddie pool and put in your yard and let them play here and there in it, and see that water can be fun. Don’t force but reinforce that they are safe, it is fun, and soon they will know how to swim and they can have a lot of fun. 

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Tips To Improve Toddler Swim Lessons

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  1. JB
    August 24, 2018 / 10:37 am

    LOVE this Onyi! LOVE that little man is learning to be safe and comfortable in the water with us too!

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