Managing Black Girl Hair While Booked & Busy

Black hair care costs a significant amount of time and money. Check out how I use wigs and braids to maintain versitile styles that slay all day #naturalhair #weaves #hairstyles #africanamerican #blackhair #cowash


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 sultry black girl best braiding hair

Have you heard? Black girl hair is BEAUTIFUL! Black girl hair is MAGIC!

From the kinky to the coily, the pressed and the weaved; we know how to stand out. PERIOD. We get to change our hair to suit the occasion or even our mood. But it’s not just the hair growing out of our heads that’s amazing. Nope. The Virgin-synthetic-remi-yaky braiding hair is part of what makes us amazing too.


black girl hair curly best braiding hair

But with such great (hair) power comes great burden. It takes a great deal of time, talent, and financial investment to maintain our black girl hair. It has been estimated that we spend over half a billion dollars on black hair care A YEAR!

Think about it, what’s your monthly budget for hair and maintenance? Yup, doesn’t surprise me!


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My Hair Journey

I grew up in a house with 4 girls that relied on my resourceful mother to teach us how to love our hair. We learned at an early age how to put in crochets, single braids and weaved tracks. During undergrad, I started keeping my hair lye-free as I became a member of the natural hair movement. But if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I still love my wigs. There is no shame in my wig game. Synthetic to Virgin, cheap to expensive; wigs are my go-to option as a mommy on the go! Any they are perfect for any woman that may not have the time or resources to sit down and get your hair done every week.

sincerely onyi

Wigs Are A Perfect Option

  1. They are versatile
  2. You can avoid manipulating your hair, hence avoiding breakage
  3. Save time and money from daily styling or weekly salon visits
  4. Convenient to change at a moments notice
  5. With care, a quality wig can last for months, even years

There is a misconception that wearing wigs allows you to avoid taking care of your hair. NOT! You should try to maintain a routine of washing/cowashing, detangling, moisturizing and braiding your hair underneath to keep it growing long and strong.

Best Braiding Hair

But it’s not just wigs!  Braiding your hair is incorporated into most protective styles. Although some styles can take hours to put in, they can still give you the versatility to get up and go while lasting for weeks with good maintenance. I love wearing Goddess Locs and Senegelese twists, I like using the best braiding hair when I do it!

best braiding hair goddess loss


If you ever have more questions about where I get my hair, feel free to ask below. I have no problem sharing. And if you get the LHHH reference in the title, we are kindred spirits!


goddess locs gold

BTW this is one of my younger sisters. Her selfie game is stronger than mine so I preferred to show off some of her amazing styles. @monicaogbo



I used great resources like youtube to learn how to slay all day, from braids to frontal wigs.

Here are some of my favorite videos to reference:


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