Cancun Travel Tips For Your Next Vacation 

Cancun Travel Tips For Your Next Vacation 


I’ve traveled to Cancun twice before and plan to visit again before the end of the year. It seems like Cancun always has a funny story ready for me. Remember when I was held in a Mexican Prison last year? Funny story about the first time I visited Cancun. Hubby and I were only dating for about a month and a half and I suggested we plan our first trip together. We found a great deal to Cancun on Expedia and enjoyed ourselves but as we reflect back now, we laugh at how foolish it was to plan a trip with someone you barely dated for three months.  Oh, how the young shall grow.

Cancun is a popular tourist destination for those living in the states and abroad. This is primarily due to  Cancun having so many direct flights from major cities. Plus, many U.S. phone carriers do work even in Mexico with no additional charge. (I was hype about that). But if in case, your carrier doesn’t have service in Cancun; then you can just add as little as $5 to get things going. Apart from these conveniences that you can enjoy when you are in Cancun; the warm turquoise waters will surely tempt you to dive right in (That’s if you know how to swim, your girl is still working on it)

Here are a few important tips for travel to Cancun 


Download Google Translate Before Your Trip

My siblings are quite fluent in Spanish while I can only say a few popular words.  I have found Google Translate to be very handy in breaking down the communication barriers. 

Keep Track Of Your Immigration Papers 

 This one is from personal experience. Most (maybe all) of my international travel has been with my husband and up to this point and he’s been responsible for all of his documents. During the recent bachelorette trip Always keep your documents such as immigration papers safe. Some countries like Mexico would require your immigration papers and if in case you misplace it, then you need to pay to get a new set and go through delays and unnecessary hassle. Store your important documents like passports in your bag which can be easily accessed. It is also very important to keep your valuables safe at all times even though Cancun is considered as a safe tourist spot. 

Set up shuttles ahead of time

Arrange your transportation beforehand. You can save a lot of money when you pre-book your airport shuttles. There are many ways to book the airport shuttle and I personally recommend Expedia which only cost $9 each way. I got huge savings compared to a $30 per minute taxi. Getting out of Cancun airport can be a big challenge and you may have to haggle with the taxi and shuttle drivers. To save time and money, make sure that you have already made arrangements or better yet, book a hotel which provides free shuttle services. 

Don’t Get To The Airport Late

It is best to have ample time to get to the airport. Give it at least 2 hours before departure since you will have to go through customs or you might do your last-minute duty-free shopping. Do not be late or you will miss your flight. Well, I guess not being late to anything should be applicable at all times. 

You Don’t Need To Exchange Money

 One of the best things about traveling to Cancun is that many establishments accept U.S. dollars which can be very convenient for the most part. But if you want to get the most value out of your dollars, then it is best to have them converted. Do not exchange your dollars from an airport vendor or at the hotel since you will not get a reasonable exchange rate. It is best to have your money converted at the bank or you can just get pesos from an ATM in Cancun. Always have cash in handy because credit cards may charge a foreign transaction fee. Mexico is accustomed to tipping so do make sure to leave a reasonable tip. 

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

This is a rule I keep to whenever I travel. Even when traveling domestically, water in a different area can be filtered differently or not as efficiently as your body is used too. Avoid the runs and stick to bottled water. You can go as far as to ask the establishment if they are serving purified water and ice and for extra precaution, use filtered or purified water when brushing your teeth. If you have a weak stomach, then it is best to stick to food that you are already familiar with. Stay away from raw foods such as fruits or salads since they are most likely to contain bacteria.

Have you been to Cancun before? It’s one of my favorite destinations for All-Inclusive resorts.

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