Keeping Our Kids Fed, from Newborn to Toddlerhood

Keeping Our Kids Fed, from Newborn to Toddlerhood

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My youngest little guy has his 2nd birthday around the corner and I am spending a lot of time reflecting back on all we’ve been through, including our feeding journey. 


As a first time mom, I initially wrapped my worth on being able to breastfeed. When plans changed and I became an exclusive pumper that eventually formula fed, I became a firm believer that no matter what, as long as they are fed is all that matters.  


The complicated journey that brought me to exclusive pumping twice is now something I can wear with pride. I did that. Twice. And I feel like a self-proclaimed expert. What’s always helped me feel supported is that Walmart has everything a breastfeeding/exclusive pumping/formula feeding/baby-led weaning mama needs to get prepared.


Walmart has been the most easy access for us to grab last minute bottles, pump parts or formula when needed. They have everything within everyone’s price point so it’s easy to shop baby/toddler items for myself or others in every stage of motherhood.


Here are some products I used to successfully go from lactation to toddler meals.


Keeping Our Kids Fed, from Newborn to Toddlerhood

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