Girl’s Getaway Ski Trip To Whitefish Montana 

Girl’s Getaway Ski Trip To Whitefish Montana 

Want an unforgettable girl’s trip? Then you must plan a ski trip to Whitefish Montana. During MLK weekend, my four best friends and I went on a Girl’s Ski Trip to Whitefish Montana. Thank you Whitefish for sponsoring such an epic adventure. If you want to catch up on all that we got into, read below and check out my Whitefish, Montana story highlight HERE. Whitefish is a hidden gem and you’d be surprised at how many of us from down south are enjoying all that it has to offer. 


You will not believe how relaxing and breathtaking this place is! The people are genuinely kind and helpful which was a breath of fresh air. If you need a break and a place to let loose with your girlfriends, Whitefish Montana is IT! Take my perspective as a woman of color who felt 100% comfortable and seen by the people of Whitefish. I’ll be sharing where to stay, the best place to eat, and dish about skiing and snowboarding. 

Skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort

If you are a beginning skier this is the place for you. The ski school is reasonably priced at Whitefish Mountain. It wasn’t too crowded on a Friday but people came in droves over MLK weekend. I had a really pleasant experience taking my 4th Ski refresher course. I mentioned before on my IG stories that I tend to stick to guided lessons because my fear of heights gets the best of me on the chair lift. Ski trips are still worth all of the fun, so go if you’re like me. The staff is really friendly and helpful, and I was able to go at my own pace. 


Plus, the views are just breathtaking. Check out more at


Where to Stay in Whitefish Montana

We stayed at a few amazing places and definitely recommend them to you. We loved every place we stayed! 


You won’t be disappointed. Check out more for yourself at

Kandahar Lodge

For the first few days, we enjoyed a relaxing stay at Kandahar Lodge. It’s an authentic mountain lodge complete with a crackling fireplace. After a day of skiing, it’s so nice to come on in and warm up! 


The rooms are cozy, with rustic log-home style decor. You can check out a room tour on my Whitefish, Montana highlight HERE

Firebrand Hotel 

The next few days we stayed at the Firebrand Hotel. It exudes urban sophistication in the heart of downtown Whitefish. You will feel like a VIP the moment you walk in. You can literally walk to tons of amazing places to eat or go out at night. 


While you’re here, soak in the hot tub right at sunset. It’s incredibly relaxing. The colors light up the sky. 


Where to Eat in Whitefish Montana

We experienced some amazing cuisine while we were there. Here are some of our favorites! 


Café Kandahar

This is quite an amazing experience. If possible, I suggest treating yourself to the food and wine pairing which is a 3 or 4-course experience. They have an incredible selection. We had so much fun laughing with our server Shyamali. She was so knowledgable about all the wines and helped us pick out the best ones. 


Chef Andy Blanton is a 4-time James Beard Award nominee and his food is divine. The short ribs literally cook for 24 hours, so they are extra savory and the perfect texture.  

Firebrand Hotel 

Dinner at The Firebrand hotel was spectacular. Make sure and get the Pork Ribeye and the Herbed Calamari while you’re there. I love staying at a hotel with such an amazing on-site restaurant. 

Tupelo Grille

They serve up fresh Cajun-inspired dishes but my favorite were the starters, especially the Brussel sprouts and fried green tomatoes. Am I the only one that can eat several appetizers as my meal? It’s a perfect place for a fun dinner with friends. 

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream Shop

I for one eat ice cream all year round. For dessert or a fun snack, enjoy some Sweet Peaks ice cream. We loved their unique flavors and super-friendly staff. 

Ski Trip Packing List


Fun Things to Do In Whitefish 

This is a really fun place packed with lots of unforgettable experiences. Try some of these on your trip. 

Dry Salt Therapy

I’ll never forget my experience trying Dry Salt therapy for the first time. If you are in Whitefish, try it at Salt Box. Through their dry salt therapy, you detoxify. It can help you breathe and feel better than ever. 

Experience A Book Reading

If you ever get the chance to attend a book reading, I highly recommend it. There is nothing quite like hearing the author read their own words and go deep into their thought process and their story.


We attended a reading of Pam Houston’s book Deep Creek: Finding Hope in the High Country


It moved me the way she chose to process her childhood abuse and concern for climate change by giving herself a chance to learn how to care for a ranch all on her own. This book touches on grief in a very real and honest way.


Go On A Sightseeing Tour

We took a sightseeing driving tour of Glacier National Park. When you do this, you have time to take photos at Lake McDonald. There are also stops at Apgar and Lake McDonald Lodge. 


On the return trip, you can take a whiskey-making tour and have a tasting at Glacier Distillery.  


Check out Whitefish Tour and Shuttle for an amazing full-service cycling/hiking/chauffeur tour guide through Glacier Park. 


Hike Through Hungry Horse Dam in Glacier National Park

This is a breathtaking dam with amazing views, located right outside of Glacier National Park which is filled with loads of hiking trails in cabins. You can go canoeing on the lake or even just relax by the water and take some pictures. 

What’s Easier – Snowboarding or Skiing? 

This is such a tough question! One of my favorite things about the trip was experiencing both and laughing about it with my friends. 


There is a popular saying among athletes that enjoy these sports. Skiing is easier to learn but harder to master – but snowboarding is harder to learn but easier to master.


So if you struggle to learn new sports or athletic things, start out with skiing. It’s clumsy and really awkward at first, but you’ll get it pretty quickly. 


Girl’s Getaway to Whitefish Montana

If you ever get the chance to take a vacation here, do it! You’ll love all the incredible food, the magnificent views, and the relaxing pampering.

Girl’s Getaway Ski Trip To Whitefish Montana

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