Keep Your Fitness Goals – 5 No-Brainer Tips

Keep Your Fitness Goals – 5 No-Brainer Tips

No matter what your fitness goals are, these 5 tips will help you keep them and crush them in the new year. We all make them, and I am making some too. My family has recently been using the Withings Body+ scale to help track our fitness goals. 


The start of a new year is the perfect time to reevaluate your fitness goals and set the bar even higher. Don’t let any bad habits you made this past winter bring you down. You can smash your new goals – and this is how. 


5 No-Brainer Tips for Crushing Fitness Goals 

What are your fitness goals? Are you going to eat better? Work out more? Lift heavier? Run farther? Sure, it might be cheesy to set New Year’s resolutions, but what better time to evaluate your health and make plans to improve? 


Plus, it just feels amazing to set a goal and crush it! I love writing down a goal like “do 25 push-ups in a row”, working hard at it, and then doing 30 pushups without effort. Talk about empowering! As I began to work out, get stronger and feel healthier, I also felt better about myself too. My self-esteem went through the roof! 

I want to help you nail those fitness goals, and so does the Withing Body+ scale. I use this scale for my entire family, from tracking fitness goals with my husband to make sure my boys are growing the way they should! The scale has the ability to recognize and store data for 8 users automatically. 

There are multiple modes you can use with this scale, including a pregnancy and baby mode. The pregnancy mode has been reviewed by obstetricians and will help expecting mothers to track weight and share both tips and advice. The baby mode is so easy to use, as well! All you have to do is hold your baby and step onto the scale. The Body+ scale will help ensure that your baby is growing at a healthy rate.


Don’t just set some resolutions that you will forget about. Use my 5 no-brainer tips and you’ll sail through this year making (and exceeding) more goals than you thought you could. 



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I’m tired of trying to do the same thing New Year after New Year: Lose the baby weight, Get a Summer body, Reduce the FUPA. Honestly, I’m just driving myself insane trying to reach unrealistic goals. How about we try actually feeling good over looking “perfect”. That’s why I’m using my @withings watch and Body + scale to create healthier habits and a happier me 😊 AD Whithings has so many features from its sleek design, smartphone notifications and the sleep tracker (this was a game-changer for me). My favorite part my watch connects to the Body + Scale to give me real numbers on my body composition. Grab yours here: Get 20% off the entire site with ONYI #Running #NewYear #NewYearNewMe #Healthy2020

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1. Use a Fitness Tracker and Smart Scale

My first tip is to use some sort of fitness tracker that connects with a smart scale. I currently use and love the Steel HR Watch & Body + scale. Not only does it track my heart rate and how long and fast I run, but when it syncs with my scale I can see all my body composition measurements in the app.

You see, keeping track of your weight and activity levels will motivate you to become more active. You’ll also be able to set realistic goals. If there’s a goal that you are discouraged because you can’t hit it, look at your fitness tracker app and try something you are able to do.


If you’re interested in using the Withing Body+ scale to help meet your goals and stay on track, use my code ONYI for 20% off the site!

2. Start Small And Make Goals Bigger

Next, set small goals and make them bigger as you become stronger. It’s motivating and empowering to accomplish goals. Every single one you crush will give you the confidence to try harder and do more.


So, instead of saying, “run a 10-minute mile” set a smaller goal of running a mile without stopping. Then, after you nail that, set the goal of running it faster.


3. Do it With a Friend

Working out and staying fit with a friend will keep you focused. It’s way too easy to make excuses. If you don’t have anyone to pump you up, you are more likely to just quit. Not only will set goals with friends help you stay focused, but you can help your friend stay focused too. 


Use your fitness apps to challenge your friends for weekly work out goals. I love going to classes with friends because it gives you the ability to see each other more throughout the week, while still keeping up with your goals.

4. Stay Consistent 

Another tip that is really important for new fitness goals is to stay consistent. Put exercise into your normal routine. Fit it in naturally, then keep at it. You’ll have days at the beginning when you don’t feel like working out, but it takes about 2 months to start a new habit. Really work hard at staying consistent for 2 months and it will soon become your new normal. 

5. Make it Fun

Finally, make it fun! With every goal you complete, reward yourself in a small way. Make it a game and compete with your friends. Do some fun cardio with dancing or running away from zombies. There are lots of fitness apps that can turn working out into a creative game. 


Fitness Goals Should Be Your New Lifestyle

There you have it! Use some fitness trackers, involve your friends, and stay consistent. Gather a group of people around you that cheer you on. This year can be the time when you are healthier and more in shape than ever before.


For 20% off any Whithings product, click here and use code ONYI



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