He Asked Me To Conquer The World With Him…

Yea…I should have started the blog with this. But better late than never, right?

I really must give props to My Love for the proposal I’ve always dreamed of. Thinking about all of the planning and effort he and my loved ones put in to surprise me leaves me speechless. My Physician Assistant program is located in Las Vegas, giving me the painful task of going back to Vegas every few months for exams (j/k, I love it!). My boyfriend accompanied me to Vegas for my exams at the end of June 2013. Since we had been in a long distance relationship for 2 years, I thought it was just another trip to squeeze in time together.

Once finishing, I met up with him to begin our weekend vacation on The Strip. I let him plan where we would stay and what we would do; although I usually like to do the planning myself. He did such a great job the year before for my 25th birthday that I was more than happy to give up the reigns. He got us front row seats to Zumanity (I’d been dying to see it since I moved to Vegas), and tickets to see THE QUEEN BEY (Beyonce for those who don’t know). On the last day, he drove me to a surprise destination and on the way there he asked me if I believed in soulmates. I nervously admitted that I do, but it just may take time to realize it. I got excited as we arrived to a romantic helicopter ride over the strip before having a beautiful dinner at the Paris hotel under the stars. Now, wouldn’t you think he was about to pop the question?? I began to think so too until the trip ended and the next morning we both went home to Houston landing at separate airports.

Dang…I guess it’s not our time…So I had thought!

When I landed, my bestie Shelby picked me up and suggested we spend the day together. I eagerly agreed since I had no plans and thought I should let my boyfriend rest from the trip. She came up with the idea of going to Hermann Park and then hitting a happy hour spot with our other best friends Stella & Chika. My younger sister Stacy had mentioned she was going to come to Houston to visit me so I was glad that would give us something to do. I told Stacy to meet us at Hermann Park. Once there she texted me that she was waiting for us in the Japanese Tea Garden on the bridge next to some creepy guy with a guitar. Of course, I hurried ahead because I wanted to make sure my little sis was safe & I was so excited to see her!

As I walked up, Stacy was chatting with this guy as she held an Ipad. She said the guy was a guitarist and just showed her his last performance on Youtube. She kept boasting that it was so good and that I had to check it out. (In my head I was thinking “Girl! I don’t even like guitars like that but if you say so!”). So she pressed play on the Youtube video and instead of the guitarist, My Love popped up in the video! All I could remember was him saying how happy I have made him in the past 2 years but I couldn’t comprehend it all at the moment because I was so confused as to why he was in this video?! The video then goes into a montage of our pictures together over the years and the guitarist starts performing our song ” Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts.

I started crying as I realized what was happening. I kept looking down at the screen as I could see My Love’s red toms walk up into my peripheral vision. I didn’t even want to look at him because at this point I’m ugly crying LOL! He took my hand and turned me toward him. As he smiled down at me I could see my other bestie Chika jump out of the bushes, taking pictures with her camera and I cried even harder into his chest. As I finally look up at him he tells me he is glad I believe in soulmates because he believes he has found his. He asks me if I am ready to conquer the world with him, gets on one knee and pops the question! I screamed YES and the rest will be BEAUTIFUL history. Thank you for the perfect proposal babe!

You Can See A Picture Slideshow of the Engagement Below:

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