Hit The Road With Summer Car Care

Hit The Road With Summer Car Care

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Is it just me or does this summer seem really promising for travel adventures? It’s been a long year of pandemic-related travel restrictions, and I am ready to literally hit the road again! This time around our next destination has a huge sentimental significance for my family. Hubby and I will be packing up our truck and taking the family on a road trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. As some of you may already know, we lived in Tulsa for a couple years prior to moving back to Texas. Our time in Tulsa was extra special, as we were transitioning into married life, and eventually parenthood. Since leaving, we’ve been eager to visit again, so we couldn’t pass on the first opportunity to return to our family’s first home.

As we cross off our checklist of things to pack, it’s imperative that we make time to prepare our vehicle for our 8-hour journey down memory lane. This trip will be the furthest distance that we’ve driven in over a year so there’s sure to be some interesting, yet memorable moments along the way. We plan to split our journey into two parts: (1) a stop in Dallas to visit with my parents, and (2) onwards to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In preparation for our road trip, we’ve got to make sure that we’re all packed up with the travel essentials. More importantly, we are going to make sure our vehicle is in tip-top shape for the long drive ahead. In order to assure my personal self care, I have to travel in comfort regardless of whether it’s by air or road. I’ve got my favorite loungewear and slippers set aside, and stocked up on my must-have caffeinated beverages. Hubby and I plan to take turns driving when needed, but he’ll definitely be covering more miles because I don’t like to drive. Packing for the boys is a bit easier, as they mostly need their snacks, comfy clothes, and entertainment to keep them preoccupied in between rest stops.

An imperative step to preparing for a road trip is checking your vehicle to road-readiness. Many of our cars have been sitting idly over the past year and it’s time they get some TLC. The Kelley Blue Book Service and Repair Guide is the go-to place for important information related to preparing your vehicle for a safe and sunny summer ahead! Our family relies on Kelley Blue Book because it is the most trusted resource when it comes to car research and advice for car buying, selling and ownership. My favorite part about the Service and Repair Guide is that it covers a wide array of topics ranging from common services performed, to specific repair issues and related pricing. You can easily view important details for your exact vehicle and receive guidance on resolving your problems in the Service and Repair Guide on KBB.com. So what are you waiting for, head over to their website to start planning your next summer getaway!





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