How To Help A Friend Struggling With Infertility

Have a friend struggling with infertility? Here are 5 ways that you can help her.

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It always seems like somethings in the water. So many people around me are either announcing their pregnancy or awaiting delivery. 7 months ago, I was also announcing my pregnancy, again.
But this time, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my happiest of news may be hard to hear for someone else.

Of course, I deserved to celebrate this new life; I thank God for the 2 little ones I get to be mommy for. But what about those around me who had tried and tried again but were never met with that joyful news. A painful reminder of what they wanted most but couldn’t have at this time. Infertility can be emotionally, financially and physically draining.But you can be an advocate for your friends that may be struggling with infertility.

How To Help A Friend Struggling With Infertility

1. DO NOT ask anyone when they plan on having children (or more children)

The 1st step is to not be that person that triggers those soul-crushing emotions in public by a harmless inquiry. You never know if the woman or couple is struggling with infertility or if they have chosen to not have kids. They may have frequent signs of infertility but not ready to share them with anyone. Unless they are a close friend that has already divulged that information to you, just keep your question to yourself.

2. Pray for her.

If you know someone that is hurting and waiting, claim it for them through prayer and in your speech. Literally speak life into them, letting them know that they are never alone. Sometimes infertility is unexplained, sometimes the solution can come in the same way.

3. Don’t exclude her.

Tell her about your pregnancy, this is not news to avoid. A real friend will be genuinely happy for you. But avoid complaining about your pregnancy. She wants you to treasure every part of this experience she hasn’t been able to have yet.She may withdraw in situations centered around children but always invite her. When she arrives, make sure she doesn’t feel isolated while there.

4. Understand her feelings.

It’s ok to tell her “I’m sorry you are going through this” and ask what you can do for her. Of course, it isn’t your fault. But sympathize with her and let her know you care. Although your friend may be a pro at putting her feelings aside for others, it is better to be considerate of those feeling.

struggling with infertility

5. Support their decisions while encouraging her.

There are several causes of infertility such as sperm count or function, problems with delivery of sperm, ovulation disorders, endometriosis, the list goes on. But they CAN overcome infertility, whether they use intervention, surrogacy or adoption. When your friend is ready to openly discuss her situation with you,  this may be the perfect time to tell her about the Stork OTC.

This over the counter, FDA cleared, cervical cap inseminator is indicated for at home use by couples who have been diagnosed with low sperm count, sperm immobility or unfavorable vaginal environment. The Stork OTC keeps a higher concentration of collected sperm against the opening of the cervical os between 4 to 6 hours; increasing pregnancy success rate up to 20%. This affordable option can be coupled with ovulation tracking before moving forward to in-clinic treatments.

The Stork OTC can be found here, here or at your local Walgreens, CVS or Target in the family planning section next to the ovulation kits.

Always speak to your Healthcare Provider if you have any questions about infertility or your general health.

struggling with infertility
Have a friend struggling with infertility? Here are 5 ways that you can help her. Support your friends feelings. Tips for infertility
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  1. November 24, 2017 / 4:54 pm

    I can really appreciate this post. I struggled with infertility before having my twin boys. A very painful time in my life. Thanks for giving some great ideas to help women who suffer (often alone and silently!) #wanderinwednesday

    • Sincerelyonyi
      November 25, 2017 / 6:43 pm

      Thank you so much!

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