#IGMedicine | September Roundup

Instagram is a great resource to find your tribe, resources, networking and inspiration. If you are a pre-med, pre-pa, nursing or pharmacy student you will want to subscribe. Get a monthly roundup of awesome providers to follow on instagram that are here to inspire your journey into healthcare. Providers, Physician Assistant, Doctor, Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, Medicine.


Instagram is a powerful tool. From business to a big distraction, millions of people use it as vast source of information and inspiration. I have stumbled upon a great group of fellow healthcare providers ranging from PAs, MDs, NPs, Pharmacists and student accounts.

I am so excited to share the IG medical community with you guys! I am a firm believer that it’s hard to be what you can not see. So every month I’ll bring you new members of this awesome group who lead by example, offering help where they can and making it look easy to balance it all. Oh, but it’s not!

So stay tuned to my Instagram Page for the next batch of providers you should be following . Be sure to follow their accounts, many are fellow bloggers that love to share their knowledge and want to help you get to where they are.


















Know any accounts you think should be featured? Are you a Pre-PA or PA student with any questions for me? feel free to comment below

Sharing is fun!

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