How To Improve Your Newborn’s Immune System

Moms want the best for their baby. There is 1 thing you can add to their milk right now to help improve their immune system for a lifetime.



I won’t get on my soap box and preach how beneficial it is to breastfeed. I encourage you to try your best, and that includes exclusively pumping. I was distraught when I first had Goz and he couldn’t latch properly. All I wanted to do was provide my child with the best nutrition my body could give him . It was torture watching my newborn cry and scream in frustration as he pulled away from my breast. Despite numerous Lactation Consultant visits, we could not get past it. I moved onto exclusive pumping which turned out to be my favorite option for both of my kids. In the medical community, we encourage mothers to provide baby with breastmilk during the 1st 6 months of life. However, at the end of the day: Fed Is Best.

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Aside from providing breastmilk, when possible, there is 1 thing all moms should consider to strengthen their newborn’s immunity: give them good bacteria.

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The immune system lives in our guts and is maintained by good bacteria. Probiotics are used to maintain the balance of good bacteria. Thankfully, probiotics can actually alleviate diarrhea and constipation, improve digestion, strengthen immune system and improve absorption of nutrients.

In our generation, 97% of babies are born without the beneficial B. Infantis bacteria.  If good gut bacteria are thriving before a baby is weaned from breast milk, they’re more likely to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life. That’s why the first six months of life are critical.

Evivo Probiotics

Evivo probiotic has been clinically proven to: restore a baby’s gut microbiome to its natural state; transform the carbohydrates found in breast milk to promote the growth of B. infants (that good bacteria), and help defend our babies from potentially harmful bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, and diabetes.

With your love and the science behind Evivo, mothers can give their babies the health, strength, and happiness they deserve: Evivo is the surest way to start. I’m investing in creating a strong foundation for my sons’ health that will last a lifetime.

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Have you ever taken probiotics? Ever given any to your children? Let me know here or on my IG post.

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