The Challenge Isn’t Over: Continue to Opt for Optimism

Opt for optimism

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Congratulations! You did it! We did it! We successfully used the past 30 days to be intentional in our thinking and spread optimism everywhere we went. So, how do you feel?  Are you feeling refreshed? Has your perspective changed? I know mine has. I can honestly say this has been one of the most rewarding, challenging and thought provoking  decisions I’ve made. Choosing to opt for optimism everyday.

Before the challenge, I could easily display an optimistic attitude for a short period. However, I was dealing with thoughts of anxiety and even depression that quickly overshadowed my optimism.  I had  grown to think it was normal or  a healthy dose of worry. So much has happened over the last 30 days and I thank God for guiding me to the realization that I still had work to do on myself. I promise not to keep it to myself. I’m looking forward to sharing not only what has transpired in the past 30 days, but what has been years of testimony in the making. Stay tuned for that.

It’s amazing how being intentional in our thinking and making the decision to focus on the positive aspects of our experiences can make such a drastic improvement in so many areas of our lives. But, the hardest part has been maintaining it through personal struggles. Now that we know how vital optimism is to living our best lives, we must keep the momentum going.  I told you in my previous post that being optimistic is not a “challenge” to me any longer, but has now become a part of my lifestyle. Thanks to the Frost Bank Optimism Challenge, I’ve acquired helpful tools in navigating this thing called life, and have successfully changed the way I deal with challenges.

As I reflect on my experiences over the past 30 days, I am empowered by the many visible changes I see in my overall outlook. Through this challenge, I’ve been able to train my brain to be optimistic– a tool that can open so many doors for me while allowing me to be a vessel for inspiration in the lives of others. Through the challenge, I’ve enabled my ability to use optimism as my first response to adversity, and I encourage you to do the same.

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Opt for optimism

Optimism is a Catalyst Not a Solution

As we continue to implement optimism in our daily lives, it is important that we recognize that while optimism is a catalyst for change,  it is not a solution. There are many variables to living our best lives, and while optimism plays a major role in manifesting our heart’s desires;  hard work, dedication, and a genuine desire to impact the world positively are all components as well. Think of it this way; optimism is simply one gear in this machine called life.  It is a critical component to its ability to function, but it is not the only gear that keeps it moving in the right direction. Keeping all of our gears well oiled will help us to avoid creating friction in our lives or the lives of others.

Share Your Optimism

When I decided to take Frost Bank’s challenge I immediately thought of the many ways being optimistic could impact you, my community.  Spreading optimism among our community is in my opinion both a responsibility and a privilege. What good is it to keep such an amazing attribute to ourselves? Why not share until there’s no more sharing to be done? Social media is a great place to start if you don’t get out much, and Frost’s Facebook group has been a great place for me to absorb positive energy from likeminded people. Good energy is contagious, so continue to be intentionally optimistic and encourage an optimistic outlook among those you are around.

Opt for optimism

Be The Change You Want to See

As you become more optimistic you will probably begin to feel as if others are watching you.  No one is perfect, and we all have our doubts from time to time. Being optimistic is about not wallowing in doubt, but instead, shaking it off and keeping it moving with a glass half full mentality. Remember, no one likes a Debbie Downer.  Think back to the times when you weren’t so optimistic and reflect on how those times made you feel? Think of how heavy the feeling of pessimism is. Now, think of how you feel now. The changes you’ve made over the past 30 days have set the pace for you to become the person you strive to be. Ensuring that you do your best to be an example to others of what being optimistic can do helps you to fulfill your responsibility to give back to your community and ensures that you are laying the groundwork for a brighter future.


Light the Way for Others To Opt For Optimism

Finally, as optimists, we must do our best to light the way for others. Simply offering encouraging words and cheering on others when they are down can go a long way in promoting optimism in the world. I have personally decided to be an advocate for others in the sense that I will do my best to cheer on others when they are feeling happy and when they are feeling down. I have made a personal pledge to ensure that I am setting an example for my children and others around me, and lighting the way for future generations to be able to live their best lives–for real, and not just for show.

Even though the challenge is over, I encourage you to continue to find new ways to display your more optimistic outlook.  Be a beacon of bright, shining optimism to those who need it most, and remember that the possibilities are endless. Thank you for taking this challenge with me. I hope it’s been as beneficial to your life as it has been for mine!

Opt for optimism

Before you go, reflect on how the challenge may have impacted you and/or opened your eyes to the power of optimism and how you plan to continue to live optimistically.

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The Challenge Isn’t Over: Continue to Opt for Optimism

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