Port Aransas Beach Vlog | Dad’s Beach Must Haves With Kids

port aransas with kids

We officially made our first family trip, and it was to Port Aransas Beach!

We spent a few wonderful days on the Port Aransas Texas Beach and had the boys experience the beach for the first time. We opted to stay in a beach house rental instead of a Port Aransas Hotel. This worked out the best for us while traveling with toddlers due to their picky appetites. Having a full kitchen and fridge for the 3-day beach trip was perfect for us. Make sure to check out our first travel vlog below.

Going to the beach with 2 boys under 3? Nothing could go wrong, right? Generally, nothing major went wrong but we learned a lot of lessons. The biggest one? Prepare for the sand. Next beach trip will have us coming home with less sand, but we did well for our first time. This list doesn’t include the basics like diapers, sunscreen, the toddlers, lol. But it does highlight the 5 things I’m most grateful for during the trip.

Beach Must-Haves With Kids

Beach Toys

I.e. shovels, bucket, kite and sand castle accessoriesThe beach is great but at some point, you will want to get out of the water to keep your little ones happy. You will need toys. These come very handily for toddlers who will love to build and break down the castles you build together. Nothing like seeing your kids’ eyes light up when they help build the sand castle. Our 2 year old and 11 months old really enjoyed using them.

Cooler with Snacks

Depending on your toddler (our oldest is the king of picky), will say that you bring lots of water and juice for your little ones. We brought fruits and crackers which worked well for us. We also bought deli meat (just make sure your kids’ hands are clean of sand).

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port aransas with kids

port aransas with kids

Waste Water

By waste water, I mean water that you can use to wash off their sandy hands or feet. Also helps when cleaning up before getting into whatever mode of transportation you have. The Port Aransas Beach had golf carts for rent that could take you back and forth from your beach house. We needed our car seats so we opted for parking out car near the water. When you watch the vlog below, Onyi mentions someone taking the waste water out of the car before we headed out. Let’s just say I’m pleading the fifth on that one.

Tent Or Umbrella

 My preference is more tent over an umbrella. We bought this one for our family of 4. It comes in handy for staying out of the sun. Watch your kids from a safe distance while you catch a little shade. It’s also a good place for kids to take a break in while eating a snack.

Towels, Lots Of Towels

This can be for sitting or covering car seats so as to not get water or sand in them. Also useful to cleaning sand from every part of your messy kid’s body.  


We are definitely looking forward to our next family trip. We’d recommend Port Aransas Beaches to anyone looking for some family-friendly fun.


–  Daddy Azih

Are you considering Port Aransas Beach with kids?


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Port Aransas Beach Vlog | Dad's Beach Must Haves With Kids

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