3 Self Love Tips To Boost Your Confidence Today

3 Self Love Tips To Boost Your Confidence Today

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It’s incredible how big of a difference investing consistent time in acts of Self-love will make in your overall health. We’ll start with the foundation of self love: becoming self aware. Then we’ll move to the practicing self love from the outside in, then we’ll end with how to maintain the mindset of self love.

Foundation of Self Love: Become Self Aware


I look at it like this. Discovering who you are is a lifetime journey. You gradually peel back the layers and get to a point where you have to decide to love all that you are and all that you are not.

Growing up as an African in Diaspora was a complicated journey that helped me appreciate the beauty of where my family comes from. I can’t leave out the scars of loneliness that were created from constantly feeling like an outsider. Luckily, today is different. I’ve learned to appreciate everything about me, even if I choose to change something in the future.

Self-awareness can be defined as the knowledge of consciously knowing your own personality, character, and emotions. Self-awareness starts by understanding the root of your thoughts or behaviors. Once you become self-aware, you are more capable of speaking positive things into existence and transform your negative thoughts into critical thinking.


Self Love From The Outside In


Self-love from the outside can start with foods or even supplements that make you happy and healthy. One of my favorite ways of conducting some self-care is finding a challenging yoga or barre class or even kicking back with a delicious treat I can enjoy on my own, like FAGE Total Split Cup. I like to get a couple of bites in of just the authentic  FAGE Total Greek yogurt  flavor but then I pour in the fruit to create the new rich and creamy texture. Something magical happens when FAGE’s protein-rich Greek yogurt mixes in with the fruit.


It’s the perfect guilty pleasure in every bite. I love that FAGE Total Split Cups have 30% less sugar with no artificial sweeteners. The mango split cup is my favorite and I don’t like to share so I find myself enjoying it during naptime. It’s one of mama’s most precious moments of the day. Instead of rushing to get all of that needs to be done within that naptime hour, I use it to relax and find myself back at center. I can easily throw one in my lunch bag for a breakfast on the go.

Let Go Of All Comparison

I admire many, but I compare myself to none. It’s easier said than done but I can assure you, there is a peace in resisting comparative thoughts that often lead to jealous feelings. The life we’ve been given to live is full off its own beauty and magic that can’t be fully embraced when you yearn for someone else’s blessings.


When focusing on self-love, you appreciate where you are and make action plans for where you want to be. You can’t do that if you’re wasting time looking at what others are doing. We lose precious time and motivation by comparing someone’s successes to your failures.


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3 Self Love Tips To Boost Your Confidence Today

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