How To Save Money On Your Doctor’s Visits

How To Save Money On Your Doctor’s Visits

“Ok, I’ll be sending Augmentin and Zofran to the pharmacy for you. I want you to follow up with your Primary Care Provider in one week.”

“Thank you… I’m sorry, but do you know how much that might cost?”

The cost of healthcare often takes even me by surprise. There isn’t always an affordable way out when diagnosed with certain conditions. Despite the rising cost of prescription drugs, increasing the popularity of alternative treatments, and healthier lifestyles becoming more trendy, the need to see a medical professional hasn’t changed. Fortunately, there is a free membership card that can help alleviate some of the financial burdens.

What is Singlecare?

Singlecare is more than your typical pharmacy savings card. It also saves money on out-of-pocket healthcare expenses such as prescriptions, dental visits, vision appointments and affordable video doctor’s visits. Plus, you are able to get medical, psychological and nutritional care visits over video or phone. Singlecare’s pharmacy network consists of over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide including major chains like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kroger, and others. Plus, you get access to 200,000 providers nationwide and save up to 55% for dental visits!

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Who is Singlecare for?

You might be wondering if Singlecare is even worth a second glance if you already have health insurance. Whether you are insured with a high deductible or completely uninsured, you can use Singlecare to fill gaps in your coverage. Those with high deductibles don’t have to worry about paying full price for their generic meds — just present your coupon and save up to 80%. Would you like to know how easy it is? Scroll down to see how to take advantage of the Singlecare App. Even with health insurance, Singlecare’s discount prescription pricing may be lower than some of your current prescription copays.

For an urgent care visit, uninsured patients may pay upwards of $140 to be seen while a Singlecare video call may run around $45.


My Take On Singlecare

I love that this program has a free membership. It only took a minute to become a member, and I could immediately start using the savings for a prescription or an appointment. I now have a resource to recommend to my family, friends, and readers that can help save them money on healthcare costs. The app is pretty convenient and responsive, a definite plus. Before leaving a Doctor’s appointment, a patient can check the price of their prescription before they get to the pharmacy.


How To Use Singlecare

For Prescriptions:

  1. Search for the medication by entering the medication name and zip code.
  2. Adjust the quantity and dosage of the prescription you were given.
  3. Compare prices and select “Get Free Coupon” button.
  4. You can show the pharmacy your coupon directly from your phone or choose to text or email it.
  5. Fill your prescription and save!


For Medical, Psychological or Nutritional Visits


  1. You will need to register with Amwell through the Singlecare app.
  2. Search for the healthcare service you want or click the icon for the specialty you are looking for.
  3. Compare prices.
  4. Select a provider and click “Book Appointment”.
  5. Go to your appointment and provide the provider your SingleCare information.

Singlecare is now offering a payment plan for several medications, to go along with your coupon. If you are in a financial situation where medications are still difficult to afford after coupon savings, Singlecare can help with 4, 8 or 10 week payment plans! It’s common knowledge that healthcare costs add to the issue of patient compliance, Singlecare is here to shorten the gap.

Visit to get started right now!

What are your thoughts on a prescription savings card?


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