The Best Baby Carrier To Use While Pregnant

The Best Baby Carrier To Use While Pregnant

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It really has been a very interesting two years with lots of adjustments made on my part. I went from taking care of just me, to taking care of a husband, a mini-me and another little one cooking in my belly. If anyone had told me I would be expecting another little one before my 1st turned two… I would have laughed in their face. Really, I would have let out a big hearty, knee-slapping, head-banging laugh. But this is how it happened for me. I was tasked with juggling new motherhood while pregnant, and it put me to the test.


I experienced first-hand what my fellow blogger mamas and friends were talking about. Baby climbing on my tummy when I just wanted some peace and tranquility, putting on babies socks when I could hardly bend over and put on my own, being jolted from a nap by the clanging of toys… and most importantly learning to juggle carrying a little one and not knock my back even further out of alignment! My little one wanted to be carried, and I had to figure out the best way to do it and fast.

I’ve always been a kangaroo mother with my baby girl nestled in my bosom while I worked. My mother teased that my baby loved my body too much and she would end up spoiled. But guess what? That was ok for me, I felt I was nurturing her through contact and I still feel that way. It wasn’t until my 6th month of pregnancy that carrying my baby girl became difficult. She was constantly whining and throwing her hands in the air before me, and I would nudge her away because I couldn’t balance her on my hip anymore without risking injury or accident. I felt bad, she was only wanting what she knew, her mothers’ touch. My husband suggested I sit down and carry her, but I didn’t have time to sit down, and wasn’t there a way I could carry my child and move around without balancing her on my hip and hobbling around the house? Surely there was a way to baby-carry in pregnancy.

So, I hit up google to find a carrier that would allow me to do so. I needed something tried-and-true and stumbled on the Ergo Omni 360 Carrier. From what other mothers were raving, there was promise that I could comfortably carry my baby well into my tenth month and without compromising my alignment. I went for it without hesitation.

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Trying Out The Ergo Omni 360

It’s a very straightforward carrier that allows you to put your baby in many positions comfortably, but the best position for pregnant mothers would be baby at the back facing forward. I followed the instruction on how to set it up, which were easy to follow picture guides, so pregnancy-brain approved! I buckled to belt up well below my tummy and there was no discomfort at all.

The first time I strapped baby girl in, I noticed an immediate relief in my lower back as my spine straightened out. Seriously. It was as if it corrected my posture as it supported the load in front. I didn’t expect that at all. I took a few steps around and there was no pain or discomfort, my body wasn’t having to overcompensate. I rushed to my husband, who was surprised to see our babe on my back and nearly objected, but I was pouring about how natural this felt. He gave me a side eye and shook his head. I proceeded to waltz around the kitchen doing chores, gleaming as Erinma had a new point-of-view. She saw food being prepared, she watched me organize my makeup and jewelry, she also got the best seats for conversations with Daddy. Plus, the strap goes right under my tummy so there is absolutely no discomfort!

That’s why they call it an ERGO. Ergonomically proven to balance baby even with the biggest baby bump of all time! Now I am truly a believer. When baby runs up to me and flings her hands open, I go straight to my Omni 360. In fact, she now drags it over and giggles, knowing and expressing she wants ‘back time’. This has got to be the best carrier because it allows me to continue to do what I do best, as a pregnant mother with baby in tow. I’m no longer having to find ways to appease my baby and distract her from the fact that she just wants to be close to her mommy as I’m busy buzzing around the house! So yes, my life is easier and I’m not forced to feel guilty because of it.


Find out what baby carrier was the best for baby wearing while pregnant. Having 2 under 2 is hard but we are up for the challenge with the Ergo Omni 360

What I loved about The Ergo Omni 360

  1. Lightweight
  2. Simple set up, easy to use – this is truly one of the best things about the Ergo Omni 360
  3. Easy to carry baby in any position without discomfort
  4. Can be used by pregnant mothers well into pregnancy by using the back, forward-facing option
  5. Many pockets and pouches for storage when on the go
  6.  Can be converted to flip out a hood for baby on sunny days
  7. Adjustable for babies of all sizes
  8. Baby seems comfortable and balanced as well, which is very important!

Are you babywearing

while pregnant? Let us know below!

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